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16 Weeks to Go - Train for the Great Bristol 10k Have you been meaning to set yourself a 2020 challenge? Get started with our 16-week training plan for the Great Bristol 10k! Stay on Track for 2020 and Bypass Blue Monday Thinking about giving up on your new year's resolution? Stay motivated with our tips How To Crack That New Year Fitness Resolution How many of us wait for the clock to chime midnight on 31 December, vowing that the New Year will see a new, fitter version of ourselves – only to find our good intentions have gone out the window by (sob!) Blue Monday? Seven Reasons To Run On Boxing Day It may be the Christmas holidays but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. That little gift to yourself could be a run! Get In The Festive Spirit At Great Run Local Here are the best of the festive fun runs on offer around the UK courtesy of Great Run Local 10 great things about the Great Bristol Half Marathon There are loads of great things about the Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half Marathon, here are just some of them you can expect on Sunday 15 September Food For A Great Run Get prepped for your Great Run event with CLIF Bar 29 Times You'll Be Entertained At Great Manchester Run There's 29 entertainment points along the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run 10K and half marathon course, covering all bases including iconic Manchester anthems, DJs, local bands, a ladies’ choir and a classical ensemble! Great Manchester Runners' Offers At Spinningfields Participants of the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run can benefit from a host of rewarding post-run offers from well-known shopping and entertainment destination Spinningfields. Elly Pear: Fitting Eating Well Into Training For A 10k Author, chef and Bristolian Elly Pear shares 5 easy ways to make great food and win at dinner, even when you’re training for the Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10k and cut for time. Keeping you safe There are a few things we’d ask you to be aware of when you’re at a Great Run event So You've Signed Up To Run, Now What? Lululemon, the official sportswear partner of the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run, on tips and tricks to take you from sign up, past the finish line. 3 Inner-City Manchester Training Routes Inner-city training runs to keep your Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run training on track. Joint Preparation: 'Motion Is Lotion' Physiotherapist Jenny Blizzard's advice on joint preparation and how to maintain good joint health. Great Bristol 10k Training Changes Lives Of Four Mums Four mums are in the middle of training for the Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10k, using the This Mum Runs Run60 training course and have spoken about how pulling on their trainers and getting out of the door has positively affected their lives. Bands on the Run in Stirling Check out the music that will be powering you around the Simplyhealth Great Stirling Run on Sunday 28 April. Everything You'll Experience At Great Bristol 10k If you’re thinking about signing up to take on your own challenge at the Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10k, whatever your reason for running, here’s all of things you can expect. Case Study: The Benefits Of Gait Analysis Paul Noble shares his experience of the benefits of gait analysis and re-training to explain how it can help with running injuries. 10 Ways To Smash Your Fundraising Target In Bristol These simple tips can help you to get your fundraising off the ground and have lots of fun while preparing for your challenge at the Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10k 7 Great Women Who Will Inspire You Who run the world? Girls. 7 Tips To Help You Ace Your First Half Marathon After taking on her first half marathon in 2018, Dawn Nisbet reveals her top tips to help you ace your first half marathon. Daily Exercises To Strengthen Your Muscles Effective muscular activity enhances the storage and release of energy from your tendons, which is free, no oxygen cost! Running the Mancunian Way This May? If you’re thinking of taking on your next run in the city of Manchester, we’re here to tell you all the awesome things you can expect on the day of Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run. 11 Times The Great Manchester Run Gave Us All The Feels The energy, perseverance and passion of the Mancunian runners continue to make the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run a must-do in the city. 5 Bristol Running Routes By Bristol Runners If you’re looking to get a new perspective of the city, why not experience it through a runner’s eyes and take on one of these recommended running routes ahead of the Simplyhealth Great Bristol 10k?