If you’re thinking of starting to run, or you’ve already started to make progress and you’re wondering why on earth you’re doing it – we’ve picked the top seven reasons why running is good for your health. So set your goals and get going.

1. It improves your body confidence

Exercise in general is a great way to make you feel better in yourself. Once you start to see and feel the results, your body will ooze confidence – helping you feel good everyday!

2. It maintains joint health

Running is not bad for your knees, as many say. Movement is the best way to keep your joints feeling nourished and healthy, and there is science to prove it. So say goodbye to wear and tear of the joints, and hello to running. Just make sure you've got a good pair of trainers to support your joints.

3. It raises your energy levels

If you’ve had a tough day or week, going for a run in the outdoors can boost your energy levels, and help you feel revived and in fact more alive than more tired. It also helps you sleep better.

4. It keeps you in shape

It’s all about a balanced lifestyle and diet, so treating yourself and having those rest days are essential to maintaining healthy living. But there’s no doubt that running helps you lose weight and also tones every muscle from the waist down.

5. Good for your mental health

Running can act as a huge part of recovery for some people. We've heard so many stories of how people have tackled their mental health issues by taking up running. So whether you're going through a dark patch or need something to make you feel yourself again, grab your friend and get out running together to air your problems and let your mind escape from any worries you have.

6. It protects your heart

Running frequently throughout the week will help reduce the risk of heart disease. Any form of aerobic exercise is good for your heart, but the more intense the better.

7. It makes you happy!

Running does put a smile on your face and reduces anxiety and depression, mainly due to the release of endorphins! Switching off and running in the fresh air with your favourite tunes can often be the best remedy for the worst days.

Running is always better when you have a goal ahead of you. Check out our events and #BeYourGreatest in 2019.