From Stephen Morrison (@HowManyMiles_)

One foot in front of the other and repeat. I love running because of its simplicity. There's no need for an arena, specialist equipment, team mates or referees. All you need are a pair of running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt, and some free space in front you. Right?

It is the greatest of sports. It is (should be) the cheapest of sports.

The problem is, as my love for running intensifies my bank balance diminishes. I am often asked by my exasperated girlfriend, if "I have enough running kit!?" I want to say yes, but what comes out is "no".

I have running shoes and clothing for every occasion and every season. I have jackets that light up, reflect and startle passing motorists (they are supposed to reduce accidents). I have running shoes with varying levels of heel support from minimalist cushioning to bouncy castles, and in every colour of the rainbow.

I have colour-coordinated running tops, tights and shorts. I have four complete sets of gloves and around a half dozen incomplete sets. I keep them in the hope that they'll be miraculously reunited with their missing partners.

The same goes for socks. Normal sports socks just won't do. They have to be made from the finest wool, be durable up to 1,000 miles and have 'L' and 'R' stylishly sign-posted.

Then we have my running gadgets and training accessories. GPS watches that track a multitude of performance indicators, while all I know is how to use the stopwatch.

My phone has a zillion running apps too and I can wear it on my arm via my brand new strap. On my other arm is a hydration pack, backed-up with everything else I carry in one of three running rucksacks.

I have foam rollers that would look at home in a torture chamber, and a supplements cupboard full of stuff to give me more energy, help me hydrate and reduce pain. Most of it just tastes disgusting.

I really do have all the gear. And with my birthday approaching, my family are struggling for ideas.

What do you get the runner who has everything? Who, when faced with a night out, wishes to wear his latest running kit. Of course, I’d happily accept more running shoes, but do I really need them and is there anything else I like collecting more?

Well yes, of course there is. Where would my life be without medals, collectable event tees and PBs? For those things, I need events. Events where I can soak up the atmosphere, meet other runners and where possible, see other parts of the country.

This year my family are going to fund my event entries. On top of my Great Runs, I'm looking for the most fun, exciting and challenging running events in the country.

Ideally they'll be under the marathon distance as I'm currently training for my first one. However with so many races out there, which ones do I go for though? What events would you recommend and why?

Tell me your favourites and the ones on your bucket list. As one of Great Run's Great Bloggers, they've let me giveaway a case of Lucozade Sport LITE for every event I choose to do.