For some, Pancake Day is an opportunity to ditch that healthy dinner and just eat pancakes for dinner and dessert, but we’ve found some healthy alternatives for you. (as well as a couple of not-so-healthy options!) Great for your pre-run breakfast, or protein and carb-packed to satisfy you after your long training run.

The Simple One

Ditch the chocolate spread with a good old fashioned classic – a squeeze of lemon and a sugar sprinkle. Make sure you keep your batter thin so your pancakes come out light and crispy.

Pump up the Protein

Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder to your batter mix to help with recovery after a long run (and they taste pretty sweet too). You can find a simple recipe here.

Keep it fresh

With pancakes, any fruit goes. So whether you choose to pack in a berry punch with blueberries and strawberries or go more exotic with pineapple and kiwi, brighten up your pancake plate with a handful of rich vitamin-packed fresh fruit. 

Go bananas

Whether you use bananas as a topping or add them to the batter mix, it’s a great ingredient to breakfast pancakes before a long run to fuel your body. Using them as a replacement for flour means they’re GF too. Not into bananas? Try flaxseeds or chia seeds instead.

Go veggie

Add carrots or even sweet potato for a savoury option to add some healthy vitamins and extra thickness to your recipes. Here's a tasty savoury option.

Cheat Day

If you’ve waited all month for this day and it conveniently happens to land on your cheat day then this is the chance to go all out. Anything goes. So, break out everything from the chocolate spread to ice cream for an indulgent treat.