If you’re already planning on setting yourself some well-intentioned but potentially hard to achieve goals on the first day of the year read on. 

That pesky feeling of shame when you’ve over indulged, and the onslaught of “New Year, New You” messages everywhere you look make it easy to get sucked into setting yourself a punishing New Year’s Resolution.

Rather than tackling unrealistic and unachievable goals this January, take a look at some of our alternative training ideas to see you through the first week of 2019! 

1. Finish off that Christmas movie you started

2. Burn some calories washing the Christmas dishes

3. Train your brain – write down small goals and how good you will feel when you achieve them

4. Break-in your new trainers by walking around the house

5. First day back at work in January... take your Christmas sweets and chocolates into work to share with your colleagues

If you’re ready to be your greatest in 2019 and set yourself the goal of an event, visit greatrun.org/events to sign up now, your finish line is waiting!