Claire Lomas MBE is taking on her toughest challenge yet at the 2017 Simplyhealth Great South Run.

Paralysed Claire aims to walk the 10 miles 24 hours while wearing a bionic suit.

She will start on the morning of Saturday 21 October walking the route of the world's leading 10 mile run around Portsmouth and Southsea over night.

She will then cross the finish line on Sunday 22 October with 20,000 others.

Here is her second update on her training for her #10in24 challenge:

Upping My Distance

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been building up my distance and the time spent in my robotic suit.

I walk my longer distances at the weekends and one or two shorter walks in the evenings, mixed in with handcycling.

Like a lot of others running the Simplyhealth Great South Run, I am trying to juggle my training alongside being a mum and working. This can be particularly tough.

I was speaking at an event in London in the week and I had a long drive back but it was essential I fit in a training session too.

As soon as I got home I got out walking and then got my girls ready for bed. There was no wonder that half mile felt particularly tough.

I was tired before I even started.

It doesn't end there though, Chloe is a greedy baby and wakes me in the night!

I am lucky to have a fantastic team though and they all help in different ways; either pushing Chloe along with us, entertaining Maisie and preventing her from telling me to 'hurry up', carrying the stool, massaging my aching muscles, walking behind me in case I lose my balance or blasting out some good tunes.

Change of Scenery

For a change, I decided to take on two miles recently in my hometown, Melton Mowbray in Leciestershire.

Going up and down the same road at a steady pace can become very tedious so we decided a change would be good.

I seriously lacked motivation this weekend but with only two weeks until the Simplyhealth Great South Run it was not a question of should I train or not, it was essential.

It was good being somewhere different but I had to negotiate more slopes, camber and slippy surfaces than my usual route.

One of the paths around the park was damp and greasy so my crutches were slipping.

Walking with legs that can't feel the ground beneath me and crutches that are sliding around made me feel very nervous and therefore even more tense.

It was tricky and I hope it is dry in a fortnights time! I was pleased overall, because I managed it on a day that my mind wasn't being particularly helpful.

Part of the challenge is the physical side- the aches, pains and tiredness but what you are thinking has such a huge effect.

For whatever reason, I was not feeling in the mood to put in the effort needed to walk two miles but by focusing on small goals, I made it.

"Whether you Believe you Can or Can't you are Right"

I start the challenge by speaking at a special school in Portsmouth for children with emotional and social needs and Portsmouth Grammar School.

I love doing this. If it helps one or two children in the schools then it is worth it and an incredible feeling.

I am looking forward to taking on my #10in24 challenge- although have no idea how I will manage the ten miles when two miles feels a long way but lets not think of that!

Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right.

I can't wait to see some of you there- good luck everyone!

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