It’s that time of year again, when you start to think about how much you appreciate the most special person in your life … that’s right – your running buddy!  

Whether you train with your other half or a friend, in honour of Saint Valentine’s Day we celebrate ways that a “significant other” can make your running life so much better.

Running together is an alternative date night

A night out doesn’t always have to involve a restaurant, bar or theatre and running shouldn’t always be viewed as challenging. Try viewing running together as friends time or a date. Find a time when you’re both free and arrange to meet for a running date. Thinking of meeting your friend or partner gives you a boost of motivation and something to look forward to. It’s also a lot better for your wallet and your waistline than eating out.

Running together can help your motivation

Many runs are aborted before even going out of the door. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s windy, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’ll leave it until tomorrow, all excuses you make to yourself. But if you’ve arranged a time and a place with your friend or partner, the chances are you’re not going to let them down. Having someone alongside you can also help pass the time on a long run.  The nice thing about running with your loved one is that your main motivation is very close. Take advantage of it.

Running together can encourage communication

Running together is a great excuse for a chat. Talking about your day, catching up on gossip, problem solving and discussing what’s on your mind is a great way of spending quality time with your family, while fitting training in. Win-win! Training too hard to hold a conversation? Even after your run, talking about how the training went, how you feel and where you want to go next keeps the conversation going.

Running together gives you strength in numbers

If something unexpected happens on your run, it’s nice to have your running buddy with you and an added benefit of running with a friend is that if you get injured, they are there to help you back home safely.

Running together can give you a new challenge

Depending on how similar you are in terms of fitness or running style, running together can give you a little bit more of a challenge. Maybe your running buddy runs longer distance than you and can encourage you to keep going and increase your stamina.

If they’re faster, try keeping up with them for as long as you can each time. If you’re faster then try incorporating some speed work, run hard ahead then jog back to them to recover.

Running together gives you a shared goal

If you’re both training for a target, such as a personal best, a fitness goal or a big event having someone working towards a similar goal means you can share advice, tips, and have an idea of how you are progressing in comparison. And in the final week before your big run, you’ll have someone else to carb-load with.

And one thing to avoid when running together

Be wary of the pit falls of trying to race your partner or best friend. Overindulging in sports related competition, can potentially lead to injury or let’s face it … arguments. No one wants a Valentine’s Day bust up!

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