If you’re already planning on setting yourself some well-intentioned but potentially hard to achieve goals on the first day of the year read on. 

That pesky feeling of shame when you’ve over indulged, and the onslaught of “New Year, New You” messages everywhere you look mean it’s easy to get sucked into setting yourself a punishing New Year’s Resolution.

The festive season is meant to be fun so give yourself a break. Most people who set themselves an unrealistic goal in January ditch the good intentions in less than two weeks. This New Year be kinder to yourself if you want to see results. Take the pressure off, set realistic long term goals and ease yourself into a sustainable routine you can maintain year-round. According to Strava, 92% of people who set themselves the goal of an event are still active 10 months later.

Emotional, overwhelming and incredible – just three of the words that Jess Dyer used to sum up her Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run experience.

Student Jess took on her first 10K in 2017, after an inspirational recovery following depression where she made several unsuccessful suicide attempts before seeking help.

The Manchester Metropolitan University student was open about her battle with depression in the hope that more people come forward and seek help.

Following support from the NHS's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, she signed up to the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run as a goal to aim towards for her fundraising for mental health charity, Mind.

She said: “The real sense of accomplishment and triumph as I crossed the finish line was just magnificent, I burst into tears. It was truly overwhelming.

“Ultimately my own personal challenge was to complete the 10k without stopping at all, and I achieved that so that was enough for me. “I’ll then be able to go on and set my targets for the next one now.

“The last suicide attempt was actually my third in the space of a couple of years. I'd say it wasn't a defining moment, but there was a period of time where I decided that I actually didn't want to hurt myself anymore and I wanted to change the way I was thinking and get better.

“I owe a lot to CAMHS because I received the most incredible help there. “I went on a course of CBT which was designed for me to change my thought process, so that when I was struggling, I didn't immediately want to hurt myself.

“But ultimately, it was me that saved myself and I'm really proud of that.”

Jess revealed that she raised £1,175 for Mind in 2017. She is set to take on her third Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run in 2019 on Sunday 19 May.

She added: “I wanted to surround myself with happiness, that was my aim. I wanted to do the run as something to aim for and for it to be the start of me getting out there and doing as much as I can.

“I’m reaching for as many different opportunities as possible and I can actually see a future now, whereas this time six years ago, the future for me was not to live any more.

“I’m incredibly proud of myself for what I’ve achieved and what I’ll keep achieving.”

New Year? No pressure. We're in it for the long run. To enter the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run, visit: Greatrun.org/Manchester