The Government guidelines designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 stipulates that we must only run alone, or with members of our own household. 

When that just leaves me, myself and I for company on your daily permitted exercise, here’s our quick guide to going it alone. 

Follow The Rules 

Don’t travel to go for a run – stay in close proximity to your home, and make sure you fully wash your hands when you return from your exercise, or even better... have a shower!

Stay In Touch 

Let your family and friends know where you’re going to be running and keep your mobile phone charged up and close to hand. Many new watches have an emergency feature where if you run into difficulties it can send your location to your chosen contact – make sure this is up to date and switched on. 

Bring A Virtual Buddy 

Many runners turn to podcasts or radio shows to keep them company while out running alone. There’s a huge amount out there so fire up the podcast app on your smartphone and find your favourite, load it up and get running. Make sure your headphones allow you to hear the environment around you though! 

Avoid the Dark 

Now the clocks have gone forward, the days are longer and we have more time to get that run in. Take full advantage of the daylight hours to run – it’s safer that way. If you have no option other than to run after the sun has began to set, make sure you’re wearing hi-vis, reflective kit and you’ve brought a headtorch along if you’re running on unlit paths. 

Enjoy the Silence 

This is an opportunity to be completely alone in your thoughts, to get away from all of the noise that you have to deal with in your life. It may be the only opportunity to do this in your day so make the most of it – reset your brain and enjoy the restorative benefits of running.


Important notice: Please make sure to observe social distancing of at least 2 metres/6ft between yourself and others when outside.  By following this advice, we can all do our part to stay healthy and protect those who are more vulnerable at this time. Where it is safe, we encourage you to still get outside and stay active and continue to support other runners in any “virtual” way you can. Please stay aware though; protect yourselves and others and follow the advice given by the NHS and Public Health England