The Simplyhealth Great South Run has teamed up with women’s running network Run Mummy Run, where two of the group’s members will document their progress from beginner runner to conquering the world’s leading 10 mile running event.

Kelly Nabney and Jess Allen will take on their first ever 10 mile run in Portsmouth on Sunday 22 October.

They will be providing updates on their highs and lows during training.

Read their training diaries below:

Kelly Nabney

As all mums know it is tough to fit training in with the kids at home, unless you take them with you. So, time to get serious. My plan is to run four times a week.

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and then my long training run on Sunday to gradually build up my miles.

Tuesday run... This was an interesting one. I had a great plan to take my dog for company. She is a giant Schnauzer who is 18 months and I am just in the process of starting to run with her. What a mistake! It was a total nightmare.

The first kilometre took nine minutes with a poo stop and two wees (her not me). She was more interested in sniffing the same blade of grass three times than actually running and nearly wiped me out at 4km trying to drink from a puddle.

Then I got stopped by a man who wanted to talk about my dog for ten minutes so I gave up trying to run and walked the last kilometre back to the car.

Thursday run...

I had a great idea I’d take the kids - bikes and scooters at the ready. All I can say is never again! “It's too bumpy”, “You’re too slow”, “I'm bored”, “My legs hurt”, “I need a drink”.

Saturday run...

I got a PB of 29.12! I think the amazing atmosphere really helped.

I’m hoping it will have a similar effect at the Simplyhealth Great South Run.

Sunday run...

I was really nervous about this run – my furthest distance ever.

I went out knowing I was concentrating on distance not time. After an amazing smoothie packed with oats, seeds and lots of fruit I was ready.

Trainers on, headphones and I was off. managed 10.3km without stopping.

I couldn’t believe I’d done it. It took me 1 hour 8 minutes; not fast but even-ish splits. Only 6km on top of that and I'll be at the distance I need for event day. I hope to get to 12km on Sunday!

Jess Allen

It's been a tough week this week. Why is running so hard? Why do we put ourselves through it?

I went for a run and it wasn't a tough route, I've run harder routes.

But I just really struggled. I tried to pick myself up and put it down to a bad run.

So I went out again. I tried a different approach. I had heard mention of Jeffing. What is it or who is this Jeff?

So I asked the oracle - my Mother In Law. So it's a run/walk/run method. Who knew? It’s a simple as that - walk then run, then walk, then run and so it goes on.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t for me. I guess what works for one doesn't work for everyone.

I also had a 5km event this week. Oh why does everyone look so athletic and confident?

The race was a friendly charity 5k. Torrential rain wasn't part of the plan either. My mind does weird things and is a nuisance. It tells me to “go home”, that I was “silly for thinking I could do it”, that “I can't do it”.

But you know what, even though it was hard, I did it.

I have to confess I am a little disappointed with my time and I feel I should have gone faster. I should probably keep quiet about it though as my Mother-In-Law said she will slap my legs if she hears me say it again.

Not long until the Simplyhealth Great South Run now - help!