Sarah Harradine (thatsquatbot), personal trainer and blogger, is here to talk you through a series of stretches to help you look after your everyday health and make the most of life, in partnership with Simplyhealth. They’re here to support you every step of the way, throughout your training, on event day and beyond.

At the end of every Great Run event you’ll find a Simplyhealth Stretch Zone, with an instructor who will take you through this routine.  


Hamstring stretch

Standing with feet hip-width apart, bring one foot forward, and reach down with both hands towards the foot. Experiment with a bent or straight leg to see which is most effective.

Quad stretch

Standing with feet hip-width apart, bring the ‘laces’ area of your foot into the same side hand. Bring the knees together and squeeze your glute to stretch the front of your leg. Use a chair or doorframe for support if needed.

Hip flexor

Standing with feet hip-width apart, take a big step forward with one leg. Tilt your pelvis underneath, squeeze the glute of the leg behind. You should feel a big stretch in your hip flexor.

Calf stretch

Bringing your hands onto a wall or stable surface, take a big step back, and push your weight into your back heel until you feel a big calf stretch.

Glute stretch

Grabbing a stable surface, cross one foot on top of the opposite knee. Sit back until you feel a stretch in your glute.

Side stretch

Standing up tall, bring one foot in front of the other. Reach up with the arm on the same side as the crossed foot, and lean to the other side until you feel a stretch in your side and your hip.

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