Most people’s running seems to slide in the winter, why go outside when it’s so cold? The thought of  taking on something like a marathon seems like an impossible task when the days are short and the nights are dark. 

But turning your thinking on its head and embracing the benefits of running in wintry conditions can do wonders for your training.  

If you’ve got a spring marathon in your sights, here’s why winter training can be so great:

Get rid of the Winter blues

It’s far easier to get in from work and get straight into your PJs and on the sofa in front of the box. This can lead to dark evenings feeling tired, worn out and pretty dull after working all year.

If you run either first thing in the morning, during your lunch hour or straight after work, knowing that you’ve got some miles in the bank does wonders for your mood, health and happiness. We always think it’s best to run with a friend too, especially now the nights are darker.

Feel better

If you’re in training for the marathon distance, the chances are you’ll need to do some longer runs. Getting started in Winter is a good way to keep at it into the New Year. 

Mentally, it’ll give you a boost to know you’ve already got some miles under your belt so by the time it comes to January it’ll be second nature and won’t feel under pressure from the New Year resolution chat.

The Chill Factor

You can’t get cooler during those Summer runs, even if you’re wearing the right gear. The pro’s of running in Winter is that you can warm up or cool off during the run and adjust your clothing to suit your body temperature. 

Once your heart rate is higher and your blood is pumping, your body will gradually warm up. Then you can start to ditch your gloves or hat and pop them in your pocket. That cool, icey air is much more refreshing than sweating buckets after a run in the heatwave in July.

The added bonus of running a spring marathon means you’ll be training in the cool winter and you may still experience a nice, warm run as spring approaches. You’re prepared for whatever the temperature maybe on event day – unless the Beast from the East returns, you’re all set.

Prepped for Summer

You’ve trained all winter and you’ve completed your spring marathon – what next? Summer is up to you. Maybe you’re feeling inspired to take on another marathon in the Autumn.   Perhaps you want a break from long distance running and you can focus on shorter distances to get you through the season feeling good about yourself and smashing your goals. Or maybe you want a break from running altogether, which is totally fine too!

So with these things in mind, it’s time to sign up to your spring marathon, and we have just the thing. Find out more about our Simplyhealth Great Stirling Run taking place on Sunday 28 April 2019.