Blogs By: Stephen Morrison

A FAMILY AFFAIR Enjoying quality family time at the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run People make the Great North Run What makes the Great North Run the greatest in the world? Stephen Morrison describes how the number one star of the show is its loyal supporters. FEELS LIKE A TEAM SPIRIT Running can be hard and tiring....but here are 10 things that Great Run Local coordinator, Stephen Morrison, loves about running. NO BOYS ALLOWED After supporting from the sideline, Stephen Morrison decided to ask his partner Teresa what she thought about her first ever Great Run event - the Morrisons Great Women's 10k. Scream if you want to go faster Stephen Morrison explains why it's important to make time for training, make time to learn and make time to enjoy those moments of rest. What's that coming over the hill? When experienced and esteemed elite runners such as Susan Partridge, Helen Clitheroe and the Hawkins brothers opt out of the main 10 mile event and instead choose the easier option of the Team Relay Hard Miles If you've ever struggled to find the motivation to get your trainers on and head out for a run, you'll understand, but hard work sees great rewards!     ‘Winter’ Running on the Other Side of the World It was like any other early morning winter run. It started in the dark, I was soaking wet and tree branches lay broken on the ground, following the previous night’s strong winds. SMILES MAKE MILES “Don’t crack the pavement”, “keep running  fatboy”, “It must be jelly, cos jam don’t shake like that” and a container of what I only hoped was water, are YOUR FIRST GREAT RUN Several months ago, you decided to get more active. You may have downloaded a Couch to 5k programme or joined your nearest Great Run Local and discovered you like running. FAREWELL, MY PROGRESS Running can often be a cold case of injury. Here's Stephen Morrison's hard boiled version of how to sooth the pain. RUNNING'S GREAT QUESTION Being injured has given me a chance to plan and to reflect – to think about why I run. When I embarked on my weight loss journey, I had to discover my 'why'. GREAT RUN, WICKED STEPS What happens when runners face injury? Here is the difference between the fairy tale and reality... ALL THE GEAR, NO IDEA One foot in front of the other and repeat. I love running because of its simplicity. There's no need for an arena, specialist equipment, team mates or referees. All you need are a pair of running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt...right?