Kyle Greig, Corporate Wellness Manager at Aberdeen Sports Village, running coach, GB International athlete and Great Aberdeen Run podium finisher, is encouraging people to sign up for the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run, 10k or Half Marathon, which takes place on Sunday 25th August.

To help you prepare for the event, Kyle will be delivering a FREE running session, at 1830, on Tuesday 13th August, at Aberdeen Sports Village athletics track. The session is open to those already signed up for the Great Aberdeen Run, or who still wish to enter.

Here are some last minute training tips from Kyle!

Set yourself a goal
By now, you have probably got a goal in mind, whether you are a seasoned athlete, or this is your first event. If you don’t have a goal or can’t think of one – think about why you are doing the run. Do you want to run a fast time? Are you raising money for a cause? Or do you simply want to get to that finish line?! Having a realistic and attainable goal will help keep you focused and motivated. 

Ensure you recover
In the run up to the event (pun intended), be sure to train if your goal is to improve your running performance, however, ensure that you allow your body to recover. This, in turn, will mean you will adapt and become stronger. Rest doesn’t have to be sitting down doing nothing – you can recover by doing something lighter and less tasking than running such as cycling, swimming, stretching, yoga or even walking. 

Research the event info
The Great Run team will send you all the essential information that you need to know before the big day. Please read all the information; from warming up and event timings, to where the route will go and baggage drop location. 

Don’t overcomplicate things, especially the evening before and the morning of the event. Before any run you do, a little carb-heavy snack such as a cereal bar is perfect, and after a run replenish your energy stores and aid recovery with more protein, like a glass of milk. My go to the night before is pizza, and porridge the morning of the run, but remember to practice your nutrition before the event.

Enjoy the event
The atmosphere and the short and long term benefits that you gain from running, will hopefully get you hooked and ready to enter your next event. 

Claim your free training run session with Kyle Greig

  • The training run will take place on Tuesday 13th August at 1830 hours
  • The Outdoor Athletics Track within Aberdeen Sports Village, on Linksfield Road. 
  • Once you’re registered, come along to our Linksfield reception, just before 1830

During the session, you will receive some last minute advice for the big event and be able to ask questions surrounding the day. A free ‘Lifestyle Day Pass’ for Aberdeen Sports Village will also be given to all attending the training session. 

Places are limited, so if you would like to register for the session, please email today!

To enter the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run click here