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A wedding dress designer who ran each day to every radiotherapy appointment while she was battling breast cancer is to take on a 10k running challenge, a year after she was diagnosed.

Mette Baillie, from Edinburgh, found a lump in her breast while she was showering last May and was devastated when doctors told her that it was cancer.

She was diagnosed with the highest grade of cancer that there was and given a poor prognosis because it was fast growing. But Mette, who owns a wedding dress boutique in Edinburgh, refused to let the disease beat her and vowed to continue running during her treatments.

She made sure she ran to the hospital for every radiotherapy appointment to arrive with a clear head.

Doctors warned that she may have to stop running due to exhaustion but she managed to do this the whole way through.

She also went through extensive chemotherapy sessions, but she was determined to keep on running through her treatment.

One year later, all of Mette's treatment has finished and she will return to the Simplyhealth Great Women's Run on Sunday 4 June.

Mette, 46, said: “Running has been the one constant through the whole year of sickness when I was going through cancer treatment.

“When treatment plans were changing when I was getting bad news of more chemotherapy just kept running.

“My running friends kept me going and made sure I was out with them from the start. Some days I felt not well and I had to do more walking than running, but it still made go out in the fresh air and move.

“I am the positive type and so I was in denial thinking that the lump was a cyst or something, so to be told that I had cancer was a huge shock to me and I felt numb.

“I run the Simplyhealth Great Women's Run every year and I wasn't going to let it stop me, but then shortly after the run, a scan showed the cancer turned out to be the highest grade and advanced that I could get.

“I was really upset about having to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy as I really didn't want my body to be full of all those medications and I was terrified of the side effects.

“During my radiotherapy, I had to go to treatment to the hospital every day. I knew it would be a drag, I decided I wanted to run to each appointment.

“All the health professionals told me I was going to get tired, and I would have to stop running, and i said back to them, “that's ok, I will stop running if I get too tired”

“I managed the whole way through. I was so happy on my last day, of radio, It felt like such an achievement!

“I lost my hair and got myself a wig as I had only told a handful of people about my illness.

“I am a wedding dress designer, and it all happened during my very busy wedding season, I wanted the brides to come to my shop and have a happy time, where it was all about them, I didn't want them to be in the room with my white cancerous elephant.

“After a year of being really poorly, I think taking on the 10k again will be a poignant moment in my life.”

Mette will join 5,000 women on the streets of Glasgow for the Simplyhealth Great Women's Run, which features a 10k tour of the city's West End.

Runners will travel along the quayside, passing some of Glasgow's most iconic sights including Kevingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow University and the SSE Hydro, before crossing the finish line in Kelvingrove Park.

For the first time, the event features a shorter 3k running route for beginners, including a ‘mummies n buggies' wave.

Mette added: “I can't wait to be on the start line in Glasgow, this race will be the end of my year of sickness and the start of all new and positive to come.

“I am in love with running, it truly has been my saviour and I am so pleased I kept it up.

“I run this event every year. Last year was a very emotional time and I was standing next to some women who were running for a cancer charity, I turned to them and said: “I have cancer, but i will be here next year.”

“I'm running for Macmillan, It's just a small token of paying back what amazing support I have had from so many."

Entries for the Simplyhealth Great Women's Run are open. Enter at: Greatrun.org/Womens