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A woman whose daughter received a life saving liver transplant will take on a running challenge to celebrate her making a full recovery and to raise awareness about organ donation.

Nicola Allan, from Kirknewton near Edinburgh, has supported her daughter Rebecca throughout all of her life when she was born with Biliary Atresia, a rare form of liver disease.

Nicola was told that Rebecca's condition would get worse and her only chance of survival into later life would be to have a liver transplant.

Rebecca struggled through most of her young life, spending a lot of time in hospital without a fully functioning liver.

It was only when her condition deteriorated when she was 15-years-old that Rebecca was given the only option left, to be put on the organ donation waiting list.

Then two years later, Rebecca was finally given the news that a new liver was waiting for her and she had the transplant.

Mum Nicola says she will always be grateful to Rebecca's donor family for their gift and also to the Children's Liver Disease Foundation who have continued to offer them support throughout Rebecca's life.

She threw herself into fundraising for the charity and will take on a 5 mile running challenge at the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday 23 April.

Nicola's run will be part of her fundraising for the charity's Big Yellow Friday, where she will take on the run in yellow costumes.

Nicola, 37, said: “When you are pregnant and expecting your first child, you never expect to hear things like what we heard, like your baby has liver disease and will need a transplant.

“She was born a sort of orange colour and was jaundice.

“We were completely shocked but wanted to be there for Rebecca and help her manage everything, taking each day as it comes.

“She spent a lot of her young life in hospital and she would get tired a lot. It wasn't until her condition got more serious when she was 15-years-old that we were told a transplant was absolutely necessary.

“Two years later, we got the call in the middle of the night to say that Rebecca needed to go for the transplant immediately. That moment was a complete blur and we were taken by ambulance to a hospital in Birmingham.

“Rebecca's life has changed so much since she received her gift. She is so much more comfortable and confident in herself.

“Her abdomen was so large before and afterwards she had a completely different body and was more comfortable in herself. “We cannot ever thank Rebecca's donor family enough, it's hard to find the words to say.”

Rebecca and her family were supported throughout by the Children's Liver Disease Foundation and Nicola decided to give something back by fundraising for the charity. She has taken on various challenges for the charity and this year will be tackling the brand new 5 mile distance at the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Run this spring.

The event, which also includes the traditional 10 mile distance, is the only run that travels through the city centre of Edinburgh, passing iconic landmarks such as Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Greyfriar's Bobby. Runners then pass the picturesque Arthur's Seat before crossing the finish line in Holyrood Park.

Nicola will take on the event with friends and family as part of the Children's Liver Disease Foundation's Big Yellow Friday, where fundraisers are encouraged to dress in yellow.

Nicola, who is also mum to Megan, 16, Bailith, 4, and 4 month old Lucas, added: “I decided to take to the outdoors to challenge myself and to support a wonderful charity that have helped Rebecca for all of her 18 years.

“We can't thank them enough for all of their help and we know that some of the funds we raise at the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Run will help other families be supported during their liver journey.”

To support Nicola's efforts, visit her fundraising page.

Entries for the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Run, the 5 mile event and the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Family Run and Toddler Dash are open. Enter at: Greatrun.org/Edinburgh