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A woman is set to take on a year of challenges by running over 120 kilometres in 2018 to raise awareness about Myeloma, after her father was diagnosed with the disease.

Vicki Moir, from Shawlands in Glasgow, was left devastated when her dad Sandy was diagnosed with Myeloma in 2014.

Vicki saw her dad, who was 64 at the time, go from being a fit and active person to being hospitalised with the condition and having to go through chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Sandy was diagnosed after he visited the doctors feeling unwell. He underwent blood tests, which revealed that he had cancer, something which completely shocked his family as he lived a healthy life.

When Sandy was given his diagnosis, the family did not know much about Myeloma, which is a type of bone marrow cancer, and sought help from Edinburgh-based charity Myeloma UK to find out more about his condition.

Vicki says that the biggest shock for her was seeing her father's health deteriorate before her eyes during his treatment, which took its toll.

This year, while her dad continued to battle the cancer, Vicki was inspired to take on a challenge to raise awareness about Myeloma.

She decided that she wanted to run over 120km in running events, as running was something she hated and she wanted to push herself as a fundraiser.

Starting her challenge at the beginning of 2018, Vicki will take on the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Winter Run on Saturday 13 January, before running a total of 11 events across the year.

She is a complete none-runner and hopes that her tough challenge will encourage people to donate towards a cause that is close to her heart.

Vicki, 37, said: “Anyone that knows me will know that there won't have been a time when they last saw me lace up my trainers and go out for a run.

“I can't even really imagine myself running at this point but every beginner has to start somewhere!

“In October 2014, my dad went to the doctors feeling under the weather, which was a huge thing for him as he never fell ill! “It came as a huge shock to us that after blood tests, he found out that he had multiple Myeloma.

“I had no idea what this was and still to this day it remains a cancer that isn't commonly known of.

“He spent a lot of time in hospital and has also had to deal with the effects of the disease which include his lack of mobility and loss in height due to the cancer causing some of his vertebrae to collapse, as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“He has gone through three years of dealing with his battle with such courage and he has never once complained about his illness.

“His bravery really made me evaluate what was important to me and I thought if he can go through life with this positive attitude I should really try something out of my comfort zone.

“Myeloma UK have been there for us as and when we need them and they have been a constant source of information for us as none of the family had heard of Dad's type of cancer before.

“I thought taking on a year of challenges would be the perfect opportunity to raise some money for this brilliant charity in Dad's name.”

Vicki will start her running challenge with 3,000 others at the Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Winter Run, which takes place in Holyrood Park.

Participants take on a scenic 5k course around Arthur's Seat before crossing the finish line next to Holyrood Palace. Vicki will then take on a series of events in Scotland over 2018 including the Simplyhealth Great Women's Run and the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run.

She added: “The challenge for me is not going to be pretty and I know I won't be able to handle this with as much grace as my Dad has done but I am hoping that people see this as a really difficult thing for me to do as a non-runner.

“I hope to be able to raise over £500 for the cause and I will need to train heavily for this as I am a complete beginner.

“I know my Dad is really proud of me so that will give me the motivation I need to carry on when I feel like I can't go on.”

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