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I am someone who runs Choose
  • 1-2 times a week
  • 3-4 times a week
  • 5+ times a week
  • Less than once a week
based in Choose
  • Anglia
  • London
  • Midlands
  • North East
  • North West
  • Northern Ireland
  • Outside the UK
  • Scotland
  • South
  • South West
  • Wales
  • Yorkshire

I run to Choose
  • benefit my mental health
  • feel good
  • improve my fitness
  • manage my weight
  • socialise with others
wanting to Choose
  • challenge myself
  • complete my first ever event
  • get a PB
  • raise money for charity


Nutrition & Hydration
Hydration Tips Ahead Of Your Great Run

It's important that your body stays hydrated – keeps the right level of water – so that it can function properly.

Nutrition & Hydration
Should I Eat Breakfast Before An Early Morning Run?

Most of us need to eat something to kick our body and brain into action

Nutrition & Hydration
Plan Your Ultimate Training Diet

Fuelling your body to train well on a daily basis is essential.

Nutrition & Hydration
What To Eat To Fuel Your Run

The best advice when training is to stick a healthy, balanced diet.

Nutrition & Hydration
Try These Recipes For Some Great Meal Inspiration

If like us, you’ve been trying to cook a little more while you’re at home, try new recipes, or maybe eat healthier to combat moving around less, then we’ve got some recipes for you to try courtesy of Swim Bake Run.

Nutrition & Hydration
Pump Up The Protein

Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, gives us the lowdown on top protein sources

Nutrition & Hydration
Recovery Nutrition Faq

What you eat after a half marathon can have a huge impact on your recovery; from combating fatigue, to supporting immune function. This FAQ guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Nutrition & Hydration
Pancake Power

It’s important that your body stays hydrated – keeps the…

Nutrition & Hydration
Your Best Alternatives To Pasta

No pasta? No problem - here's our top alternatives for you

Nutrition & Hydration
A Little Zest For Your Personal Best

Kate Percy, author of Go Faster Food, gets you set for your greatest Half Marathon

Nutrition & Hydration
Carb Up With Barilla

Prawn spaghetti with tomato, rocket, lemon and basil

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