10 Reasons To Choose Running

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Whether you’re a new runner or haven’t ventured farther than your local corner shop in recent years, why don’t you dig out your trainers and take on one of the simplest forms of exercise instead?

Here are our 10 reasons to run in 2017

Busy gyms?
Early morning, evening or a jog in your lunch hour, when it comes to running, there are no opening hours, and no queues for the great outdoors!

No contracts
With no annual contracts or direct debits, all you need to get started is a decent pair of running trainers… and a little motivation to get you out the front door. It's free.

It makes you smarter
Studies have shown a link between high levels of aerobic fitness and better results in IQ tests, so say hello to the next pub quiz champion!

It’s a change of scenery
Move away from white walls and windows overlooking concrete car parks at the gym; you can keep it interesting by heading out into new areas and exploring parks, trails and your home city. You never know, you might find a new pub to visit after your run!

Running is for anyone
There is no experience required in running; it’s all about going at your own pace and doing what makes you feel comfortable. Every runner is different, so try not to compare yourself to the likes of Sir Mo Farah or Laura Muir. 

You can start off small
Even if you only do a few miles a week, it’s still more than the couch potatoes sat at home. Starting off with small milestones is better so you don't get overwhelmed by trying to fit in a long run after a days work. Little and often makes a big difference pretty quick, if you stick to it.

It makes you happy
When you run your brain releases endorphins, those brain chemicals that give you a ‘euphoric’ feeling, putting a smile on your face and reducing those stress levels. So get out there and inhale the fresh open air.

You can meet new friends
Running doesn’t have to be a lonely sport. There are plenty of local running clubs and Great Run Local events where you can meet like-minded people of all running abilities.

You can help others
Not only are you making a huge change in your lifestyle, but you can join one of the thousands of people who take part in mass participation running events every year to raise money for charity.

Track your progess
There’s nothing better than being able to boast about how fit and healthy you feel. There are plenty of training and running apps out there which let you keep track of your distance covered and calories burned – the perfect motivation!


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