10 Top Tips To Taper Like A Champion

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Your event is just around the corner and you can almost hear the crowds at the finish line. So with your event looming and carb loading on the horizon – here are some of the best ways to help you taper down ahead of the big day.

1. Take it easy

Now’s the perfect time to taper off your training. You want to go into the day feeling rested and relaxed. And if you can get a few early nights before then, you’ll really feel the benefit.

2. Best foot forward

Whatever shoes you’re planning to race in, make sure you’ve had a few runs in them first. Brand new trainers look fantastic. But believe me, the blisters you’ll get aren’t worth it. 

3. Stick to your usual diet

It’s tempting to start experimenting with weird and wonderful drinks and diets in the days before your race. But stay strong! Stick to your usual training choices, and you’ll be fine.

4. Keep on course

Have a good look at your course map. If you get chance, explore some of the route in person before race day. Keep an eye out for major landmarks to aim for along the way.

5. Bring your friends and family

The event promises to be a hugely enjoyable day for spectators too. So why not ask your friends and family along? They’re bound to give you that extra boost.

6. Be prepared

Can’t stand last minute panics? Then pack all your kit the night before. Numbers, pins, drinks, gels – the works. Double-check the weather too. “Be prepared” is your motto here.

7. Steady at the start

Warming up with your fellow runners is brilliant. The atmosphere is always buzzing. Don’t get too carried away when the gun goes though. You’ll thank yourself later in the race.

8. Get in with a group

Recently I did a long training run with a group of Great Run athletes. It was lots of fun, and certainly helped the miles tick by. If you can, find a group and split the work between you.

9. Think positively

Even making it to the start line is a huge achievement. So make sure you go into the day with a positive attitude. You’re bound to be a bit nervous, so don’t worry. You’ve got this!

10. Enjoy yourself

This is your day, so try to enjoy every minute. Yes, you’ll have ups and downs during your race. We all do. And there’s a whole city out there cheering for you. How awesome is that?

See you on the start line,


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