5 Ways To Run When You’Re A Busy Parent

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Being a parent is hard. Being a runner is hard. Combining the two can sometimes feel impossible. We all get a rush of excitement when we enter an event, but sometimes the reality of fitting the training in is tougher than we imagined. Here at Run Mummy Run we have found some brilliant ways to squeeze in those all-important training runs without compromising on family time…

1. Run early

Get out there and run first thing before your family wakes.  Get your kit ready the night before so you can just throw it on as soon as the alarm goes.  Despite dreading the alarm, we always enjoy those peaceful, early miles chasing the sunrise.  You will feel energized and smug all day too.

2. Enlist some help

Find other running parents and offer to trade babysitting duties. One parent looks after the children while the others run and then next time someone else will take their turn babysitting.  It’s a fun play date for the kids and allows time for the parents to fit in a training run.

3. Try buggy running

If you have a baby or young children you could try running with a buggy. There are some amazing buggies out there that have been well adapted for excellent safety and suspension. Take your little one out for some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors together. 

4. Make your run a family activity

Older children can accompany you on your run. Get them to join you on their bike or scooter and it becomes a family adventure. You will all enjoy being active together.

5. Run commute

For working parents run commutes might be a good option. If you live reasonably close to work, running there and then home again can help you fit in your runs with little impact on personal or family time. This works best if your workplace has shower facilities but plenty of people use the new dry shower gel products or even baby wipes to freshen up. Coordinating what you need to pack is important but once you’ve done it a few times you’ll be a pro! Imagine returning from work knowing your run is done and the rest of the evening yours.

The important thing to remember not to stress yourself out too much about your training. Our lives are manic enough without adding more worries. Choose a method that fits comfortably with your life and always remember that a short run is better than no runs at all!


Run Mummy Run® was founded in 2012 by mum Leanne Davies. She created a small Facebook group for her and two friends and four years on it stands at over 40,000 members. The community welcomes females of any ability to join and gain support, encouragement and motivation, however being a Mum is not obligatory. With an ethos based on kindness Run Mummy Run is a place to find friendships, confidence and enjoy all the good that running brings. Find out more


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