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As we can all relate, families across the world are getting to grips with working and studying from home. You’ll have seen trends emerging across social media from Instagram and TikTok keepie-uppie challenges, dance routines, YouTube home workouts, and more. At Great Run, we want to encourage our younger audience and families to keep this up as part of their daily routine. 

Here are some ideas we’ve put together to help keep the whole family moving and entertained – and for free:

Loo Roll Relay

The #LooRollRelay is a virtual challenge created by the Great Run team to invite our family audience to create their relay baton at home, film a video showing off how you’re keeping active, then virtually pass the baton on to your friends to do the same. 
Create your relay baton at home using an empty loo roll, or kitchen roll – feel free to get creative and decorate your loo roll baton with colour, sparkles, pictures or inspiring words – it’s up to you!

  • Step 1

Get Creative! Create a relay baton by sticking two toilet roll tubes together or a kitchen roll tube and decorate it.

  • Step 2

Get Active! Create a short video (30 seconds max!) to show off how you’re keeping active at home; in your short video you receive your baton with your right hand, show off your exercise routine – you can go for a run around the garden, jog on the spot, do push-ups, star jumps or show off your most energetic moves before you pass the baton on with your left hand.

Watch this quick video to see some of our participants in action and you’ll be ready to create yours in no time:

  • Step 3

Get Social! Share the video on Instagram using the hashtag #LooRollRelay and tag your friends to challenge them to get involved too. We can’t wait to see your creative batons and your exercise moves!

GO Run for Fun

If you’re looking for something fun, free and educational that encourages the whole family to keep active, check out the children’s health and fitness campaign GO Run For Fun. The campaign, which is usually delivering 2km fun running events for primary kids and setting them missions to get their school healthy and active, has adapted their educational resources to be used at home.

There is a board game that can be downloaded from their website, which awards points to each family member for taking part in activities, such as completing The Daily Mile, staying hydrated and eating healthily. There are also exciting opportunities to earn technical t-shirts and water bottles for taking part.
Head over to their social channels, where they’re revealing daily active missions and information on how to get involved.  InstagramFacebookTwitter

7 Mins of daily exercise for emotional regulation

Exercise increases dopamine levels in the brain, lowers anxiety levels, improves the ability to regulate emotions, and reduces levels of stress hormones. He’s extraordinary have some excellent content about the benefits of exercise for children and we love their 7-minute daily workout which is fun and easy to do with no equipment. 

They said: “Most kids need help sometimes, or even all the time, with emotional regulation. However, you can improve their ability to achieve emotional regulation in just 7 minutes per day with exercise.” 

He’s extraordinary also recommend that the exercise be first thing in the morning to start the day right, be short and fast bursts, such as a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout rather than an extended exercise with less impact. They’ve created a 7-minute daily workout for kids, designed to be fun and high-impact for maximum benefit. 

Joe Wicks – the nation’s P.E. Teacher

Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach has taken the nation by storm – with schools closed and all non-key workers working from home, Joe has turned the nation’s living room into a daily morning P.E. lesson. Joe says: “It's more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive.” From Monday to Friday at 9 am you can tune into Joe’s YouTube channel the Body Coach TV and take part in his half-hour workout suitable for all ages – get the whole family moving and feeling their best.

BBC Super Movers 

Join the super movement! Super Movers is a campaign from the Premier League and BBC to help get a generation of pupils up and moving while they learn. Find easy-to-follow active learning videos covering English, Maths, Science and PSHE. Keep active while learning, help kids get the best out of their bodies and brains. 

Family yoga with Cosmic Kids yoga 

 Cosmic Kids! Yoga is mindfulness and relaxation designed especially for kids aged 3+ and is used in schools and homes all over the world. Visit their YouTube channel for free yoga and mindfulness fun for kids, with stories that kids connect with. Calming sessions and mindfulness are also available with their zen den, helping kids to learn about their feelings, feel happier, reduce anxiety and be a more present human being.

We hope you try some of these activities out at home, there are a wealth of resources available online right now to make the most of our days at home together and try new activities as a family. 


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