From foam rollers to waist bands, some pieces of equipment which can enhance a runner’s experience

Foam Roller

For those of us who don’t have a personal masseuse to sooth our aches and pains after every run, a foam roller is the ideal investment to help with recovery. A foam roller is used to apply pressure to specific muscles, which restores them to their normal elasticity quicker. This means that you’ll spend fewer mornings groaning from achy or sore muscles. You can get good quality foam rollers online that won’t break the bank.

Running Armband or Waistpack for your phone

Your phone may be glued to your hand throughout the day but there’s nothing more annoying than having to carry it during a run. If you usually resort to letting it bash around in your pockets or even slotted into your waistband or bra (we’ve all done it), it’s time to get yourself an armband or waistpack. They are an inexpensive way of keeping your phone to hand without having to worry about damage.

Water Bottle

This may seem like an obvious one but the difference between carrying a disposable plastic bottle and one specifically designed for runners is surprising. It’s important to stay hydrated during your run, but after a while your hand may start to ache from holding the one you bought from the newsagents beforehand. There are so many options out there that cost very little, from bottles shaped to your hand, grips on the sides, and ways to strap them to your body – a little bit like the waistpack for your phone. Obviously, they’re not essential but they stop you from experiencing unnecessary discomfort, as well as being better for the environment.

Reflective Gear

You’ve heard it all before but it really is better to be safe than sorry. High visibility strips, reflective vests and bright clothing will only ever benefit a runner as it makes sure that pedestrians and vehicles alike can see you. When your earphones are plugged in and your mind is focused on hitting your next mile, you won’t notice everyone around you. This is particularly vital during those early mornings and late nights. You might feel a bit like a traffic cone but if it means that you’re that bit safer on your run, it’s definitely worth it.