Five Ways To Fall Back In Love With Running

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We all know that running is a) great and b) good for you but what do you do when you lose your spark? Here’s some tips to get that mojo back

1 Change your routine

Familiarity breeds contempt, or so they say, and it’s easy to become bored if you’re doing the same thing every time you go out running. On go the shoes, on go the headphones, and before you know it, you hit the first mile marker of the same four-mile loop you’ve been doing for the last year, with the same song coming on the same running playlist at the same point it always does. If you go out at the same time every day you’ll probably end up seeing the same people, passing the same bus and soon it gets a bit predictable.

So mix it up – find a new route, one you’ve never ran before, with a few surprise hills thrown in for good measure. If you don’t fancy that, do your usual route but reverse it. Instead of the same playlist, listen to some new music, or some podcasts which will keep you interested. If you go out at a certain time each day, try going out at a different time. Break the boredom up in any way you can think of.

2 Buy new kit

Retail therapy is good fun, especially when it is running gear. Treat yourself to some new trainers – you deserve it! Nothing gets your mojo back like new shoes and some fancy new kit.

3 Enter an event

It’s easy to lose motivation when you’re not training for anything in particular. I don’t need to run, so I’m going to have an extra hour in bed. Step away from the snooze button and get back on that horse. Enter an event to give you the motivation. Our virtual running challenges are designed to let you go at your own pace and you can choose your distance. Sign up to get your running back on track.

4 Push yourself

Remember when you first started and you kept smashing your records? You knocked a 5k PB out of the park, eating into your best time by a matter of minutes? Now, you’re in your comfort zone and running at the same pace as you always do without any real effort. So it’s now time to give yourself a bit of a kick up the backside. Look at your 5k PB and let’s see how much time we can take off it.

On your training runs, add a mile where you’re running at a faster pace than normal – outside of your comfort zone. Add intervals, where you do – for example – 30 seconds flat out with 30 seconds recovery ten times. Soon, this will improve your pace over longer distances and get you climbing that leaderboard in no time.

5 Run together

It’s easy to not run when you don’t want to. That’s why you’ve lost your mojo. And that’s fine – we’ve all been there. Another way around it is to make plans with a friend, to run together at a certain time. It’s more difficult to let someone else down, and who knows – you might actually look forward to it!

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