Five Ways To Run In The Sun

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Whether you’re a keen runner, or new to the sport, enjoying a run over the summer is a great idea. So here are 5 great reasons why, over the coming months you should feel inspired to dust off those trainers and get moving! 

A Brighter Outlook 

Longer, lighter evenings may just be the catalyst you need to pass on the sofa after work and get moving. After all, who wants to remain cooped inside on a lovely evening when the air is warm and sky is bright? Look forward to enjoying a beautiful sunset on your route, or enjoying a cool drink outside after a satisfying run. 

Your body will thank you 

Well lit, paved footpaths may have been your friend in winter, but now that the days are longer and warmer it’s much more feasible to hit the trails and grassy paths. Your joints and muscles will simply love the softer, less harsh nature of running on more forgiving surfaces such as grass and woodchips. Even better, impact injuries may become more avoidable allowing you to run more regularly and have a healthy summer of running! 

Variety is still the spice of life 

During the winter months you may have favoured routes that were well lit and paved for safety and ease, or perhaps you found your favourite trail or woodland run was simply not possible to run on because conditions made them impassable. But with the warmer weather those muddy trails should be drying up, and longer light hours make it easier to head off road without fear of dark. With that in mind now is the time to spice up your running routes! Hit those trails you’ve been avoiding over winter and keep an eye out for new paths to try out. 

Refresh that wardrobe 

With the warmer weather you’ll get to leave the woolly hat, waterproof top and gloves in the cupboard. Instead grab yourself some light and bright shorts or capris and t-shirts! Not only will you feel less weighed down by your gear, but you’ll also have less kit to add to your laundry basket too. If you need to grab some new summer running clothing then look for light coloured garments with breathable, wick away material to keep you as fresh and sweat free as possible! 

Summertime can be PB time too 

With the longer nights there’s lots of opportunity to fit more activity and runs into your schedule and work on your times. A number of fast and flat courses in your area may offer a great chance to see what type of shape you are in and test yourself! Warmer air temperatures should ensure your muscles will feel looser and more relaxed, giving you a great platform to run a quick time and maybe even a personal best. So get moving and start looking for your next personal best today – most of all though, keep having fun on your run!

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