How To Step Up From 10K To Your First Half Marathon

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Runner! Are you keen to tackle your first half marathon? Wondering if you’ve got enough time for one this year? Worried that 13.1 miles sounds a rather long way?

Well, I have some splendid news for you.

If you can handle a 10k, you’ll nail a half marathon with a few months of smart training. Just follow my magnificent seven training tips, and you’ll be awesome by the autumn. . .

There’s no time like the present!

Pick a popular half marathon, and enter today. With the date in your diary, your adventure can begin. Why not share your journey on social media? It’s bound to give you a boost.

Long easy days…

The longer summer days open up lots of new training routes. You can also try running at different times of the day. Stay safe, and always let people know where you’re going.

…and long easy runs

Your weekly long run is the key to success. As of now, start increasing your distance sensibly each week. Easy does it on the pace please. Walking breaks are fine too.

Take on an event

Low-key races are superb for your fitness, focus, and confidence. Use them as a fun way to practice your pacing for the half.

Don’t get too technical

Running is a simple sport. The more you do, the better you’ll get. It’s easy to get distracted by complicated programs, fancy kit, and expensive gadgets. Just get outside and run!

Three simple daily things that will transform your running

Do at least ten minutes of stretching or yoga. Learn to love your foam roller (or at least like it). Drink more water. Done every day, these three things will transform your running.

Trust your instincts

It’s a rum old business, training. One morning you feel like a thorough-bred, the next like a donkey in socks. Listen to your body, and never be afraid to take a rest or easy day.

To sum up then, tackling your first half marathon can seem quite a challenge. But it’s certainly one you can master by this autumn. Have faith in yourself, train sensibly, and compete regularly this summer. If you do that, anything’s possible come race day. . .

See you on the start line!

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