How To Tackle Your First 10K Like A Hero

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Thinking of tackling your first 10K this year? Great stuff! 10Ks are terrific events. More challenging than a 5k, but over a lot quicker than a half or full marathon. To help you get the most from your debut, check out my top ten tips. . .

Ease yourself in gently

“Train not strain” is a marvellous motto to adopt. Ease yourself in gently with long walks and jogging on grass. Build in some gentle stretching to keep you supple and injury-free.

Little and often

When you do start running, you’ll make big gains by going little and often. It all adds up. As well as getting you fitter, your momentum in training will really boost your self-confidence.

Over and under

Ideally, try a few 10K-plus training runs at a slow pace. Then try a few 5K training runs at a faster clip. This way you’ll be ready for the distance and pace on race day.

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Find a friend

Doing anything for the first time can be daunting. You’ll find it much easier to stay motivated if you can find a training partner. Have a think – who could you get involved?

And relax

There’s nothing you can do in the few days before your race to get any fitter. Just rest up, eat healthily, and grab some early nights. You’ll be raring to go when the big day arrives.

Drink plenty of water the day before

I’m sure you know that staying hydrated really helps you run well. Best not leave it until event day though. Drink plenty of water the days before so you’re well ahead of the game.

Tried and trusted

On the morning of your 10K, don’t try any new drinks, gels or snacks. Stick to what you know and you’ll be fine. Get there nice and early too. It’ll help you relax and stay focused.

There’s the rub

Take it from me, blisters do not come highly recommended. Wear your usual trainers to run in, and choose comfortable sports kit. And Vaseline anywhere that could chafe!

Use your watch wisely

As it’s your first 10K, I wouldn’t worry about what time you run. But if you do use a watch, please use it wisely. Enjoy your day, wave to the crowd, and don’t sweat your split-times.

Be proud of yourself

Tackling your first 10k is an awesome achievement. When you’re feeling a little nervous on race day, keep that in mind. You’ve come a long way, and you should be very proud.

If you can, ask your friends and family to come and cheer you on. Make a real day of it. And who knows – you may inspire some of them to give the 10K a crack themselves. . .

See you on the start line!

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