Last Minute Tips For Great Bristol Half Marathon

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It’s now mere days until the Great Bristol Half Marathon, and your tapering should be getting underway in earnest. But just in case you’re in need of a last minute boost, here are a few tips (and reminders) to keep you on track until Sunday:

Eat well

While you should be using a nutrition tracker app to ensure you’re getting the correct amount of calories to fuel your runs, perhaps the food side of things has slipped! You still have time to correct this though with some well-planned out meals. Make sure you’re getting 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fats in your diet, as well as some good, nutritious food to keep you strong.


Catch your beauty sleep

Freshers' week keeping you awake? Invest in some heavy duty ear plugs! Your sleep is more important than ever this week, so make sure that from now, nothing stands in the way between you and a good night’s counting sheep.


Taper properly

Do not be tempted by a longer run/your mate’s amazing new HIIT class/rollerblading with your kid down the park. Minimise anything that will have an impact on your training and try to keep yourself injury free. Certainly don’t do what this writer did and sprain your toe – I’ll still be running the Half, but possibly hobbling afterwards!


Remember – you’ve got this

It wasn’t easy; there were times you’d frankly rather have licked tarmac off a dirty road than dragged yourself out the door, but hooray, you’ve done it! However your training has gone, you have done so well to get this far – no training plan is ever perfect, even for athletes, and bodies, as well as life, are complex things that can go ‘ping’ any minute! Celebrate and treat yourself a little this week to something extra special – a sports massage, a new pair of comfy running socks – because hey, you’re ace, and you’re nearly done.


Plan your entrance/exit strategy

Know how you’re getting to and from the Great Bristol Half Marathon. Know which wave you’re in and when you’re starting? No? Well, plan ahead – find out which bus routes are running, what roads are closed and the nearest parking spaces available before Sunday. Also ensure you have a way to get home and maybe even someone waiting at the finish line to cheer you on and wrap you up in a warm hoodie. There are also plenty of spots in Bristol for a good roast dinner post-race, so why not book yourself one (I’ve gone for the Lansdowne in Clifton) to refuel afterwards and check out the Great Runners Welcome Here offers too!


Good luck for Sunday and however you do, make sure you’re happy, safe and feel well. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself if you feel ill or sore. But if you’re in tip top form, we hope you smash those PBs! 

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