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No we’re not talking about runners’ feet! As it’s the season for a bit of over indulging, we’ve pulled together some festive snacks that will help keep things balanced if you’re in training mode over Winter.


The table showstopper! It’s probably taken a while to cook the day before but tastes pretty good with all the trimmings. It’s a rich source in protein and low fat compared to other meats. It contains vitamins that are essential for the body’s energy production, so it’s the perfect runners fuel ahead of a long run, or the day after to replenish after you’ve put in the miles.

Nut Roast

If you’re not a meat eater, the alternative nut roast is a great substitute for all your protein gains. Many recipes are made up of good stuff such as lentils, mushrooms, carrot and of course plenty of nuts including walnuts, hazelnuts and brazil nuts.

All the veg

We mentioned trimmings – that means everything from pigs in blankets, to stuffing and roast potatoes. Safe to say our mouth is watering. The usual Christmas dinner really does contain lots of healthy vegetables that you can tuck into to your heart’s content – just make sure you don’t absolutely smother it in cheese sauce 😉

Cranberry Sauce

Christmas dinner isn’t complete without a bit of the ol’ cranberry sauce. And yes, it is good for you – check out Athletics Weekly’s run down on it’s benefits. There’s no fat in cranberries so they can be enjoyed totally guilt-free. If you’re wanting this favourite condiment on your festive table, why not try making your own, as pre-made cranberry sauce can contain added sugars.

Roasted Chestnuts

Simple, tasty and packed with nutrients. Grab a bag from your local supermarket, give them a quick rinse, cut into the skin of each and then roast in the oven on high heat for around 30 minutes until the skin opens. Most people add a sprinkle of salt to taste too but you could leave that out if you’re being extra good.  

Step away from the fizz…

Let’s face it, many of us are going to have a few alcoholic tipples over Christmas. ‘Tis the season after all! Those favourite festive tipples could contain some empty calories though, so we’re in favour of switching in some lower calorie alternatives to help things stay balanced (ours is a gin and slim-line tonic). You could even try having a small glass of still water between each beverage to help curb the hangover the next day. And before you think it, we’re not being a Scrooge – you’ll thank us for it the morning after 😉

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