Running During The Holidays

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The school holidays are upon us and for many parents there is suddenly a lot less free time to be utilised. Running doesn’t have to be a casualty during these six weeks – here’s our guide to keeping the balance in check until September

Early Bird

Running earlier in the day is a great way to get your run in without it impacting on the kids. The summer sun rises nice and early, which makes the 6-7am slot perfect for a quick run and shower before the other half and your young ones are even out of bed. Just make sure you have plenty of sleep – get to bed a little earlier if you can.

Run With Your Family

Alternatively, make your hobby the family hobby this summer. The kids can bring their bikes while you knock out a few speedy miles, or if they’re into their running, get them involved too. Many families are now using running as a way to spend more time together and the benefits of a fit family are huge.

Lunchtime Running

If you’re the parent that has to work through the holidays, the lunchtime run becomes an ideal option to get your miles logged. The downside to this is that you’ll often be taking to the streets in the heat of the day but as long as you are dressed appropriately, a half-hour blast around the block will give you a mid-day boost leaving your evening free to spend quality time with the kids.

Enter An Event

Many of Great Run’s events have a family-friendly minimum age to enter or a kids-only event as part of the day, so take a look at our events throughout the year and find something you can all participate in, together.

Great Run Local

Our Great Run Local events are free, timed, 2k or 5k runs in a safe environment. They’re for all ages, so perfect for bringing your kids along to have a crack at what could be their first steps on a long and rewarding running journey.

Time To Yourself

If you’ve spent all day entertaining the kids, you deserve a big, thick slice of ‘you time’. Work out a regular time each week where it’s your opportunity to go for a run while your other half or a family member looks after your youngsters. Use that time to clear your head – you’ve earned it!

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