Running In The Wind

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Don’t like running in the wind? You’re not alone! Wind is often considered the least favourable weather to run in, however our top tips below can help you brave the elements and make get the most out of your training on windy days.

Accept the Wind

Accept the fact that running will slow you down and adjust paces and times accordingly. This will make you feel better about running times, which might be slower than normal.

Plan Ahead

Plan a running route, which finishes with the wind behind your back. This can help you to finish a training run feeling strong rather than really struggling over the final mile or so. Conversely on hot days you can switch your run to take into account a cooling breeze.

Adjust Technique

When running into a strong head wind lean into the wind slightly, which can help deflect some of the resistance. Keep your shoulders relaxed to avoid neck and upper back pain.

Turn the Wind into a Positive

Ever thought how training with the extra resistance will make you a stronger runner and make race day feel easier? Running into wind makes you work harder and use more energy to move forwards!

Mental Advantage

Next time you race on a windy day you’ll also be more prepared and have a mental advantage ready to deal with the conditions.

Enjoy the Wind

Harness the wind and use it to help improve your speed! With the wind behind you you’ll be able to run slightly faster helping improve your stride. Don’t sprint too fast though – you still need to keep enough energy to finish your run!

Run with a Group

Share the pace with a group and take turns drafting off one another, like cyclists!

Close Fitting Clothes

Clothing flapping around you can be annoying. Wear tight fitting running clothing that doesn’t blow around in the wind.

Remember to Keep Hydrated

It’s easy to forget how important hydration is when struggling into the wind so remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Sometimes Think Twice

On extremely windy days, when a weather warning has been issued, consider running indoors on a treadmill or be flexible in your training, swapping with a rest day

Remember above all else, to smile and enjoy the beauty of running – a happy runner is a fast runner!

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