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Christmas will soon be upon us and for many of us that often means training and diets go out of the window, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some tips for training around the festive season.


With a little forward planning and self discipline you can  enjoy Christmas while still maintaining your fitness levels. And sometimes a break from your normal routine can actually be an  ideal opportunity to begin a new training programme, or maintain physical activity. Plan to run first thing in the morning, this way you can get your session done before your other commitments and will also kick start your metabolism for the rest of the day.


Arrange to run with family or friends who might be back for the holidays, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch up while fitting training in. Arranging to meet others for a run helps motivate you to get out and do the training rather than feeling guilty for letting your running buddies down.


Try different types of training. If you don’t feel like a run you could go for a long winter walk or bike ride? Ice skating is also another good form of winter cross training, although you may ache in places that don’t get a regular workout if you’re not used to this kind of activity!


There are many races around the Christmas period up and down the country. They often have a great atmosphere and serve as the perfect motivation to maintain fitness levels and not over indulge sat on the sofa watching TV.  The Great Winter Run in Edinburgh sees thousands turn out for a 5K run around Holyrood Park.


Runs don’t have to be long to  provide a training effect, consider shortening your runs and adding higher intensity workouts into your programme, perfect for those with limited spare time.


Ask for a brand new pair of running trainers for Christmas, that way you have the perfect opportunity to get out and put them to good use. Alternatively get some new gear perfect for winter training.

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