So Your Plans Have Changed – What Now?


Important notice: Please make sure to observe social distancing of at least 2 metres/6ft between yourself and others when outside. By following this advice, we can all do our part to stay healthy and protect those who are more vulnerable at this time. Where it is safe, we encourage you to still get outside and stay active and continue to support other runners in any “virtual” way you can. Please stay aware though; protect yourselves and others and follow the advice given by the NHS and Public Health England.  

With some events around the world being postponed or unfortunately, cancelled, plenty of runners have seen a major goal for 2020 taken away from them.   

We’ve all been there, and while you’ll most likely be frustrated and disappointed right now, we’ve got some tips for you so that all of that hard work does not go to waste.  


If you were coming towards the end of a training plan, the chances are you will have been doing some pretty hard miles as you honed in on your target event. Now, this is a chance for you to dial it down and start running for the fun of it again.  

Mix up the terrains, go off-road and take to the trails, enjoy some of the scenery and just make the most of the great outdoors.  


Just because your goal event has been delayed, all of that hard work has not been in vain. You’ll be in great shape now. A huge part of your event is in the training – it shows you have committed to something for a decent length of time. You’re sleeping better and feeling better. This doesn’t have to be the end of that. Maintain that fitness, reap the rewards of a new healthier you, and set a fresh goal for later in the year.  


If you have entered a 10K and your training was almost complete, this shouldn’t be a full stop for you. Think about entering a half marathon later in the year, where you can take the training you’ve put in so far and use that as a building block. You’ve got this far – some hard work over the summer will see you achieve something you never thought was possible at the start of the year.  


When the email landed to say your plans had changed, you’d be forgiven for wanting to throw your running shoes in the wardrobe and forget about it. But the smart advice would be to keep ticking over, maintain that fitness and freshness that you’ve worked so hard for.   

If you have been working from a training plan, pick up the last few weeks of it and repeat – you’ll see the intensity you’ve been working at drop a little bit. You won’t lose fitness, and you’ll stay in shape. When you’ve picked a goal for the end of the year, all being well, getting ready for that will be a doddle thanks to the work you’ve already done.  


We’re not suggesting you go out on the same route as your target event, because that’s a bad idea especially if the roads will be open and it’s a built-up, busy area. This is an opportunity for you to become a race director for the day and create your dream race route!  

Choose a traffic-free area, whether that be a park or a trail, use a mapping tool to work the distance out and go out and run, log it on your fitness tracker and wait for the kudos to come in.  

If you’re signed up for one of the longer distances, consider doing loops of a park, where you can stash nutrition and water to use throughout, or invest in a hydration pack and a belt for your gels or energy bars.  


We know that event day is only part of the challenge though and you’ve probably put in many miles towards your training already. That hard work should not be for nothing!

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