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It’s important to focus on our mental health and one way we can all take steps to care for ourselves is to have a positive outlook or positive mental attitude. Before now you may have not given much thought to the glass half full or half empty concept but there is something to be said about how our outlook impacts our daily life. A positive mental attitude can not only see us achieve more in our day to day activities and relationships, but it can also increase our sense of achievement. Regardless of the circumstances around us, we can influence how we respond to any situation.  

Here are some tips to stay positive and help you to look after your mind and mental health:  

The power of breath   

Air out your stress by using deep breaths. If you haven’t tried this easy step you should start, you’ll be feeling the benefits very quickly. Here’s an example of what to do:   

  • You can sit calmly and upright or try this while lying down  
  • Keep your mouth closed and inhale through your nose to the count of four  
  • Keep your breath held to the count of seven, and finally, exhale out your mouth to the count of eight  
  • Repeat this process a minimum of three times to feel relaxed but you can keep this going for as long as it takes for you to feel relaxed.  

Listen up  

Inspiring podcasts are a great free tool available to use any time of the day and many of them are focused on mental health and living a positive life. Some options to check out:   

  • The Quiet Life – Michael James Wong is an author, speaker, meditation teacher and interviews inspiring people to discuss home practices for the mind and mental health
  • Happy Place by Fearne Cotton – Fearne talks to incredible people about life, love, and loss as guests reveal what happiness means to them  
  • Gretchen Rubin – is the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project and co-host of Happier Podcast and she’s known as the queen of self-help. Gretchen’s podcast focuses on ideas and ways to make your life happier.  

You can listen to podcasts via a web browser or on the podcasts app available on smartphones.   

Stay connected  

Keep in touch with friends or family, but prioritise those that make you feel your best, whether that be someone who makes you laugh, someone who inspires you, or someone who just lifts your mood. Make a plan to talk regularly and try to make your catch up a video call so that you can see a familiar face. There are apps if you’re wanting to chat with more than one friend, so make a plan to stay connected and in touch with the people who inspire and lift your mood.   

Limit your news intake   

Staying in touch with the latest news and advice is important, but we recommend tuning in once a day for the update, for example sitting down for the latest Prime Minister briefing or tuning in for the 6’oclock news but don’t spend the day scrolling news sites, or sitting with the news on in the background while at home. Seek out positive news stories, we have been enjoying the positive stories shared from the Good News Movement @goodnews_movement and The Happy News @thehappynewspaper on Instagram for a daily dose of positive news and wonderful people.   

A daily dose of exercise  

Make use of your daily dose of fresh air each day whether you run, walk or run-walk – we guarantee you will come home feeling better than ever. Movement in any form is helpful right now, a 10-minute free yoga class on YouTube from your living room floor, a brisk walk outside, or a daily run – whatever your preference.   

Feel-good entertainment  

Set time aside each day to sit down, phone-free and tune in to your old favourite movies or TV shows, there’s so much choice available but we recommend choosing something feel good and light-hearted right now. If sitting down in front of the TV isn’t for you try a feel-good music playlist – while you clean, organise, sit and sip a coffee, or have a dance party in your living room. iTunes, Spotify and YouTube have happy hits and feel good playlists.   ______________________________________________________________________

We hope you’ll be feeling happier and calmer using some of our tips for staying positive and well during this time.  

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