Why Running To Work Is Good For You

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You’ll be less stressed

Running to work will wake you up, get your metabolism going early in the day, and get those endorphins flowing before you’re even aware that you’re normally having a fight with the person next to you to get the last seat on the train. 

It also means you control the time of your commute, no more stress-inducing public transport delays or texts to your boss telling them that you’re stuck in traffic. 

Your exercise will be over and done with

When I run or walk-run into work, my mood is normally better, I feel like I’ve achieved something with my day before I even get to work and I know that my exercise is over for the day, freeing up my evenings to see my friends.

Explore your area

You can explore different routes to take, parks to go through or different distances you want to cover in your run. For me, crossing the Clyde on a sunny morning definitely makes me happy as it looks so beautiful and I can stop and appreciate the view!

Added bonuses!

It means you get to have two breakfasts! Make sure you refuel properly when you get to your desk or you’ll be sleepy before lunchtime. 

Running or walking to work saves you money, even if you get the train home it will be half the price.

You have to do it – otherwise you won’t get to work. This is a great incentive for me as I know I can’t give up and go home!


Give yourself time

Work out how long it would take you to walk your route to work and then the time to run it – that way you know the maximum amount of time it would take if you’re having a slow day and need to walk! Oh, and schedule in time for a shower/to do your hair/makeup etc.

Be organised

Leave your shower kit, a towel, change of clothes and food at work the day before. However, if you do have things you need to take with you, try and keep them minimal and make sure you’ve a good, well fitted backpack that won’t hurt you as you run.

If your work doesn’t have a shower is there a nearby gym you could join for those post-run stretches and showers!?

Be bright and stay safe

Reflective strips and jackets are the way forward for running, you could even get a pink one if you wanted to be super stylish! If it’s dark when you’re running, head torches can also be useful. 

Never run anywhere you don’t feel safe and make sure someone knows when you leave your house and when you arrive at work, just to be sure. You can also get apps which track where you are if that would make you or your family feel safer!



If you’re too worried about the red-tomato face demon or can’t quite get out of bed 10 minutes earlier, you could do it in reverse and run home from work! 

Remember, you don’t have to run the whole way. It will take time to build up your fitness and whether you walk-run the whole way, get off the train two stops earlier or get on it two stops later, it all counts and will set you up for the day! (I’ve worked out it’s actually quicker for me to walk-run than it is to get the train, which means more sleep for me, bonus)!

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