Why Running With A Friend Is Awesome

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Running isn't just a solo thing – more and more people are buddying up to clock up the miles. Here, we find out why that's such a good idea.


When you lead a busy life, juggling your responsibilities is difficult enough and you can’t always do everything you need or even want to do. So, double up. Combine your training with some time with your best mate and kill two birds with one stone. It’s cheaper than the pub and you’ll both feel better for it afterwards.


If your normal training runs are late at night, it’s often good to take a friend along for that added security. An added benefit of running with a friend is that if you get injured, they are there to help you back home safely.


Depending on how similar you are to your pal in terms of fitness, running together gives you a little bit more of a challenge. If they’re faster, try keeping up with them for as long as you can each time. If you’re faster than they are, push yourself harder to stay ahead.


Many runs are aborted before even going out of the door. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s windy, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’ll leave it until tomorrow, all excuses you make to yourself. But if you’ve arranged a time and a place with your friend, the chances are you’re not going to let them down and you’ll be there anyway, like it or not.

Shared Goal

If you’re both training for a big event such as a half-marathon or a marathon, doing it alone isn’t always the best way. Yes, there are plenty of training plans available to get you up to the distance safely, but if there are two of you working towards the same distance, you can share advice, tips, and have an idea of how you are progressing in comparison. And in the final week before your big run, you’ll have someone else to carb-load with!

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