On your marks, get set....ACHE


We’ve got a brand new challenge that really takes the biscuit. It’s a chance for all you runners to unleash your inner star runner & earn yourself a guilt free treat every Tuesday night.

Complete a baker’s dozen of runs (13 or more) of any distance in November and earn yourself a mouthwateringly awesome medal.

The icing on the cake is an optional distance challenge, with a bespoke digital certificate awarded to anyone who completes a distance award. The challenge started on 1 November and ends on 30 November. You can join anytime from now up to Monday 9 November at 10am, when entries close.

It costs £15 to join – your challenge joining fee includes a unique finishers medal, access to training plans & tips, access to our online tracking tool, and support throughout the challenge. Whether you’re tempering or tapering, why not rise to the challenge as a fun way to keep moving & motivated through November.

This challenge has all of the ingredients you need to be your greatest in November… but have you got the recipe for success? 

How it works

  1. 1 Enter the Challenge any time until 9 November
  2. 2 Start running from 1 November
  3. 3 Keep a track of your 13 (or more!) runs
  4. 4 Complete the challenge by 30 November
  5. 5 Submit your final results to receive your medal

The challenge

The monthly accumulator challenge is for runners aged +15.

Complete 13 runs in November

You can run at any pace and distance comfortable for you. Complete a minimum of 13 runs by 30 November to finish the challenge, and you will receive a mouthwateringly awesome medal and digital certificate.

(optional) Accumulator Distance Award

There are three optional distance challenges. Depending on how far you run over your 13 (or more!) runs we will award you a bespoke digital finishers certificate to download and share:

  • Flour power - 40 Miles
  • Piece of cake - 75 miles
  • The winner bakes all - 125 miles

You can use our online tracker to log your runs, or use your own tracking app or device to record your activity. Once you have completed 13 runs (or more) and your target distance, simply submit your results and confirm that you have completed the challenge. Entries are now closed.


The proof is in the pudding

Each week we’ll select our star runners and showcase their showstopping runs on this webpage & across our social media pages. Share your runs with us on our social media pages using #GreatRunSolo.

What you get

Complete the challenge by 30 November and we’ll send you a medal that is almost too hot to handle. Digital certificates are available to download when you submit your results.

medal image

Please be patient as medals will arrive approx. 1 month after you have completed the challenge. For international runners, there is an additional £3.50 charge to cover medal postage.

Challenge Extras

To keep you running!

To keep you motivated and smiling (not grimacing!), we’ve created a series of fun extras to see you through your month of running.

The Showstopper Run

Finish the challenge off in style on Monday 30 November! Build up your distance over the month and aim to do your longest run on your final outing.

Challenge Checklist

13 runs is a lot of running… and plenty of time for you to complete the challenge checklist.
How many can you complete?

challenge checklist
  • Run past a bakery or cake shop and snap a selfie 
  • Run in the rain and get a soggy bottom 
  • Run a PB 
  • Create Strava art in a baking shape  
  • Run every Tuesday in November 
  • Bread & Butter Hill Sprints 
  • Run a 5 caKe 
  • Sunrise / sunset run 
  • Make a baked good in a running shape  

November Playlist

We’re cooking up a November running playlist and we need your help! Add your favourite tunes to our Spotify playlist and then enjoy the soundtrack on your next run.

Add a song

Bread & Butter Hill Sprints

Hill sprints are the bread & butter of all good training programmes! Add an extra pinch of sweat into the mix by including six 30 second hill sprints to one of your runs!

Your Challenge Highlights

Share your running pics & videos with us on social using #GreatRunSolo to appear in our November review video.

Supporting Charities

If you take on the Great Run Solo monthly accumulator challenge, why not fundraise for a charity at the same time? Choose a charity and encourage your friends, family and wider supporter network to rally behind you! You can start fundraising and set up a JustGiving page.

Start Fundraising



The Great Run Solo Accumulator challenge is a month long challenge. The challenge starts on the 1st day of the month (i.e. 1st November) and ends on the last day of a month (i.e. 30th November). To complete the challenge participants must complete 13 runs (or more) during the month. The runs can be of any distance.
Entries for the November Accumulator Challenge open on Friday 16 October and close on Monday 9 November at 10am.
Yes, as long as you enter before the closing date of 9 November then you can still join the challenge. If the date is after the 9th, then you will need to wait to join the Accumulator challenge in December.
Everyone who completes 13 (or more) runs will receive a special edition challenge medal. The optional, second part of the challenge is to tally up the distance that you’ve completed over all of your runs (13 or more). Depending how far you have run across the month, you may have earned a distance award.  Anyone who has earned a distance award will receive a digital finisher’s certificate (Flour power, Piece of cake or The winner bakes all). 
You don’t need to enter this separately – if you have already entered the Accumulator Challenge then you already have the chance to achieve a distance award.  At the end of the challenge when logging your results you will need to calculate the total distance that you’ve covered..
You can choose to log your runs as you go through the challenge using our online run tracker.  This will make tracking your progress and submitting your challenge results easier.  To do this you will need to enter your Great Run registration ID, which can be found on your entry confirmation email, and date of birth. 
Alternatively, you can choose to keep track of your runs yourself using your own tracking device or app, and simply visit the results submission page at the end of the challenge. If you choose this option you will need to enter your total running time, total distance, upload a (optional) screenshot of your activity, and confirm that you have completed the challenge. 
Yes you can do more than one activity per day, but don’t overdo it! 

Yes, you can use a treadmill to reach your target.  Just remember to track the activity.