Well done to everyone who took part in Great North Run Solo!


Great North Run Solo started on 28 June and ended on Sunday 13 September, the day the 40th Great North Run was scheduled to take place. Over 20,000 runners took part in the challenge and ALL PROFITS will go to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal.

Well done to everyone who took part - runners have helped to raise over £200,000 for the NHS. The deadline to submit results has passed and finishers medals are on the way.

How it works

  1. 1 Enter Great North Run Solo
  2. 2 Start running from 28 June
  3. 3 Keep a track of your runs and your total distance
  4. 4 Complete the challenge by 13 September
  5. 5 Log your results to confirm you've completed the challenge

What you get

On completion of your challenge we will send you an exclusive, special edition Great North Run Solo or Junior Great North Solo medal and digital certificate. Runners who complete a distance challenge will be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold memento to share, print and display with pride, to mark the achievement.The deadline to submit results has passed and medals are on the way.

Please be patient as medals will arrive approx. 1 month after you have completed the challenge. For international runners, there is an additional £3.50 charge to cover medal postage. Digital certificates will be made available after the challenge is completed and you have uploaded your evidence.

The NHS donation

Here at Great Run we rely heavily on medical volunteers across the country to help with the delivery of Great Run Series events. We have always appreciated them, but never as much as at this current moment. During this COVID-19 outbreak the amazing work that our NHS workers are undertaking is incredible, and that’s why we are taking no income from this challenge. ALL profits will be donated to the great cause that is the NHS – specifically, your donation will go to the NHS Charities together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal. Find out more here.