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Distance Short, Middle, Endurance
Price Short - £150 per team of two, Middle - £230 per team of two, Endurance - £300 per team of two
Location Windermere
Date 10 June 2017

Great North SwimRun

Brand new event to the 2017 Great North Swim event weekend!

Since its inception in 2006, SwimRun has become a popular choice around the World for endurance athletes and is now the fastest growing endurance sport in the UK.

The concept was born in Sweden, following a drunken bet among friends as to who could better navigate 20 islands and 75k of the Stockholm archipelago.

Runners and swimmers from across the UK, and triathletes seeking a change from the traditional triathlon format will enjoy stepping up to a new challenge.

Based on teamwork, passion, and closeness to nature, teams of two embark on a seamless journey across the landscape, taking on land and water, as they navigate their way around the course.

This outdoor running and swimming challenge is the new benchmark in adventure races. Not just for endurance athletes, the most important things you need are a sense of adventure, some determination and a lot of fun!


How it works

Teamwork is essential. Each pair is responsible for each other’s safety and support, remaining close to each other at all times, succeeding or failing together.

SwimRun rules are simple - complete your chosen distance carrying everything you need from start to finish; this means wearing your trainers and wetsuit for both the land and water sections of the course!

There will be a mandatory briefing the evening before (Friday 9th June) at 7pm. 

The provisional start time for the event on 10 June 2017 is 08:30. Short and Medium SwimRun participants will need to be at the Low Wood Bay for the ferry to their Start at 07:30.

Choose your distance


An ideal entry level event giving everyone the chance to sample the SwimRun experience. Taking in the western shoreline of Lake Windermere, passing the iconic Wray Castle, followed by a beautiful swim to Brathay and into the heart of Ambleside before finishing at the main Great Swim event site.

(Please note: these maps are provisional and may be subject to change) Total swim distance: 1.9k (19%)
Total run distance: 8.7k (81%)
Ascent: 207 metres
Transitions: 3 swims / 3 runs
Time: unlimited, take your time
Age: 16 years old and over

10.6k total distance covered

£150 per team of two



Designed for those who have a reasonable level of fitness, who may be looking to move on from 10k road races and 1 mile swims.
The course includes the highlights of the short route, with some additional adventures in Lake Windermere and its shoreline.

(Please note: these maps are provisional and may be subject to change) Total swim distance: 3k (15%)
Total run distance: 18.3k (85%)
Ascent: 458 metres
Transitions: 5 swims / 5 runs
Time: 5 hours
Age: 17 years old and over

21.3k total distance covered

£230 per team of two



For the marathon runners and Iron Man specialists this is the ultimate challenge. The course builds on the Short and Middle distances, and adds some amazing elements that only the Lake District can provide. Swims in small tranquil tarns, lung burning ascents and rewarding views from the top of Claife Heights will make it a day that will live long in the memory.

(Please note: these maps are provisional and may be subject to change) Total swim distance: 4.5k (13%)
Total run distance: 32k (87%)
Ascent: 1153 metres
Transitions: 7 swims / 6 runs
Time: 8 hours
Age: 18 years old and over

36.5k total distance covered

£300 per team of two





Click on the links below to download useful event information:

Event Location

The Lake District National Park is one of the most awe-inspiring locations in the world. We’re hoping this event will encourage people from around the UK to see it from a new perspective and experience an exhilarating and challenging activity in their own backyard.

The event begins on the shores of Windermere, England's largest lake at 10.5 miles long (17km), stretching from Ambleside in the North to Newby Bridge in the South. The finish line of the event will be shared with the Great North Swim, where family and friends can watch all the action while enjoying food and drink from local vendors.

Event location

Course Maps

Download the course maps in PDF format (please note: these maps are provisional and may be subject to change):