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Morrisons Great Birmingham Run

The Morrisons Great Birmingham Run will be broadcast live on  on Sunday 18 October, 10.00 - 12.05.

England's second city is the perfect stage for the event that attracts competitors from across the UK and around the world.The course takes in some of the city's most iconic sights including the Bullring, the Cadbury World in Bournville and Edgbaston cricket ground. Live music from 'bands on the run' keep you motivated every step of the way and thousands of supporters turn out to cheer finishers across the line on Broad Street in the heart of the city centre. If you took part in the Morrisons Great Birmingham 10k in May you are eligble for a £10 discount on the half marathon entry price, which will be automatically deducted in the payment section.


Please see below for the 2015 event day timetable:

Time Morrisons Great Birmingham Run - Sunday 18 October
07:00 Information point opens
07:30 Baggage buses will be available on Woodcock Street at the rear of the start assembly areas
10:00 Warm-up for orange and white waves
10:10 Elite men, elite women and orange wave start
10:23 White wave starts
10:25 Warm-up starts for green and pink waves
10:35 Green wave starts
10:48 Pink wave starts

*NB. All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event

The Course

The course may be subject to change in the lead up to event day.

Road Closures (opens in a new window)  Road Re-opening (opens in a new window)  Car Parking (opens in a new window)

Entertainment on the course
The Morrisons Great Birmingham Run will take runners from the iconic City Centre backdrop south towards the world famous cricketing arena of Edgbaston and on to Bournville, the home of Cadbury World. As well as the fantastic sights and support from the locals there will be some upbeat musicians and bands to keep you going along the route.

Stay hydrated
There are several drinks stations on the route these are located as follows:

  • Aqua Pura 3 miles
  • Aqua Pura/Lucozade 6 miles
  • Aqua Pura/Lucozade 9 miles
  • Aqua Pura 11 miles

There is plenty of water for all runners but please remember the following key tips to help those behind you:

  • Be prepared for the water stations – these will be signed in advance, so make sure you are ready to take a bottle.
  • Please take only 1 bottle from the stations – be considerate of those runners behind you!
  • When you have finished with your drink discard your bottle to the kerb edge or beyond – look where you are discarding your bottle before you do it and try and keep it from the running carriageway.
  • Toilets will be available close to each of the above listed drinks stations

Runners’ shower
The runners' shower is installed to cool runners down and will be located between 9-10 miles. You don’t have to run through it but it will give you a refreshing blast that may be the thing that helps you to smash those last 3 miles!

Mile markers
Every mile on the route will be identified by a large overhead structure giving you a clear indication as to how far into your run you are!

Slower-paced participants
The Police, local authority and the people of Birmingham are extremely supportive of the event but we do need to reopen roads to a set time plan. There will be a vehicle at the rear of the field that will follow the last runners. This vehicle will move at a 17 minute mile pace. If you are passed by this vehicle then you will be asked to finish the event using the footpaths. Depending on where you are on the route you may be asked to move to the pavement or to deviate from the course in order to cross large trunk roads. There will be a sweep vehicle at the rear of the event to relocate slower-paced runners to the finish area on Broad St. Don’t worry the finish line and the finish system will remain in place so that everyone crosses the line and gets a run time and finisher souvenirs!

Medical support
Medical cover will be available across the event. At the start (Jennens Road) where runners will be assembling, on course at intervals along the route and at the finish area where a main medical facility will be located off Broad Street, on Granville Street. Please ensure that you fill out the details on the reverse of your run number before event day, this information is valuable to medics in cases of emergency.

Course Map

The start and assembly areas are located on Jennens Road. This area is divided into 4 coloured areas - ORANGE/ /GREEN and PINK (these correspond to your coloured run number) and spans across both carriageways of the road. Please follow the clearly-marked routes to your coloured area – access gates into the rear of each assembly area will be managed to make sure the correct colour run numbers enter the correct assembly area. Great Run stewards and marshals will be on hand to help direct you to evenly fill both sides of the carriageway, so please use all the space we have created for you.

Please ensure that you use the toilet facilities prior to entering your assembly area. The assembly areas themselves have been measured and barriered to cater for the number of runners taking part. However, it will get busy so use all available space within the assembly areas, on both sides of the carriageway. The wave system will be used at the start. This measured control is to help regulate the flow of runners through the narrow sections of the course. Please be patient when waiting to start your run. Remember that your timing chips provide a totally accurate time for your run and will not be activated until you cross the start line and when you finish.

Running with friends or family
If you want to run with a friend but have been issued different coloured run numbers, organisers ask that you follow a simple rule – runners can move down a zone (away from the start line) but cannot move up a zone (or towards the start line). For example, a runner wearing a run number can move back into the GREEN assembly area but not forward in to the ORANGE assembly area.

Toilets are available in the streets leading to the start and assembly areas on Jennens Road. It is inevitable that the toilet facilities will be busy before and after the run, so please allow plenty of time. There are also toilets located on the course, near to the drinks stations.

Missing persons
There will be a missing person’s point located in Centenary Square (next to the information point). In the event that you come across a missing person please contact the nearest event steward, official or police officer.

The Great Run warm-up expert will be onsite to get every runner warmed up and stretched for the Morrisons Great Birmingham Run. There will be 2 separate warm ups – the first will be for ORANGE and E wave runners, followed by a second (after the start of the wave) for GREEN and PINK runners, who will be moved forward towards the start line and warmed up before starting their run – see the timetable on page 5 for warm-up start times.

At the start

When you cross the finish line please don’t stop immediately – there is a little way to walk before you can have a well-earned rest! You will be glad to know that you can walk once you cross the finish line, but please keep moving and follow the instructions of the Great Run marshals who will direct you to the finisher’s area.

Chip collection
There is no need to stop and remove your timing chip – as you know this is on the reverse of your run number and is disposable, therefore, please carry on through the finish system. Please dispose of your run number responsibly after the event.

Aqua Pura
Next on the agenda is a well-earned drink of water! Please keep moving through the finish system where marshals will direct you to your finisher’s pack; inside you will find a bottle of Aqua Pura water.

Finisher’s pack
Finishers’ packs will be sorted by T- shirt size. Please take a pack with the T-shirt size you specified when you entered the event. You’ve worked hard so enjoy the goodies inside, including edible items, Lucozade Sport and that all important souvenir medal.

Meeting friends and family
Family and friends will be able to wait for runners on Broad Street or in Centenary Square. Flying banners will be positioned along Broad Street on the route towards Centenary Square. Please wait for your friends and family next to the flying banner that has the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the runner’s surname. For example, runner John Smith’s family/friends would wait for him underneath the banner that shows the letter “S.” Please remember that not everyone can stand at the finish line or at the end of the finish system so please arrange with your friends and family to meet them in the family reunion area or elsewhere in the city.

As the event starts and finishes within Birmingham City Centre there are plenty of food and drink outlets to cater for runners and spectators alike. Remember that a lot of these retailers will work Sunday trading hours.

Baggage reclaim
If you have used the baggage bus system you can reclaim your possessions from the buses parked on Holliday Street, by following the signs. Buses are colour and number coded so please remember which number bus you put your bags on.

• Only those who show their run number will be given access
• On leaving the vehicle stewards will ask to see your run number and the baggage label number to verify you have the correct item

All results will be available at as soon as possible following the event.

Official photographs
Our official photographers will be at the event to capture all of the action. Visit in the days following the run to see if there are any snaps of you.

Join the conversation
Stay up to date with all the latest event day information on our social media channels listed below. From travel tips and timetable information, to what to eat before your event, we provide a wide range of useful information before and after your big day. We’d love to hear from you and see pictures of the highlights of your day. Follow the conversation using #GreatBirminghamRun.

At the finish

Event location


By train
Birmingham City Centre has a number of train stations that are within walking distance of the start/finish areas, see details below. 

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  • Five Ways - Serviced by National Express Trains. 10 minutes walking time to finish line, and 25 minutes from the start area on Jennens Road.
  • Birmingham New Street - Serviced by National Express & Virgin Trains. 10 minutes walking time to start line.
  • Snow Hill - Serviced by National Express & Virgin Trains. 10 minutes walking time to start line.
  • Moor Street (this is the closest station to the start line) - Serviced by National Express Trains. 5 minutes walking time to start line.
  • Jewellery Quarter - Serviced by National Express Trains. 25 minutes walking time to start line. Please check Sunday train times at the following train services websites: or

By bus
Birmingham city centre is well-serviced by buses/coaches. Please note that due to the road closures for the event there are some local bus services that will be diverted, please go to then on the main tool bar click information, then click on ‘temporary diversions’ to view these. For coach travel, please go to

By car
Coming to the event by car is still an option despite the road closures that will be in place. Organisers recommend using alternative methods of transport but if you do need to use your car here are a few points to help you:

  • Plan your journey in advance of event day; check for the road closures in place for the event and plan your route accordingly.
  • Do not assume that you can use your normal routes into the City Centre, please DO NOT rely on SAT NAVs as these could take you along routes that are closed for the event.
  • Give yourself plenty of travel time on event morning, there will be other runners coming into the City as well, the roads will get busy.

Parking is available within the City Centre. Click to see available car parking and access routes around road closures. On event day, car parks will work on a first come, first served basis and you park at your own cost.

If you are making a weekend of it in the nation’s second largest city then go to Visit Birmingham for information and booking details.


As the UK’s second biggest city, Birmingham has all the ingredients for a fantastic weekend. Take a trip to the Balti Triangle for a tasty curry, or check out the National Exhibition Centre for the latest line up of shows, which could include anything from Crufts to Beyonce!

If you're a keen shopper Birmingham is the place to be. With a selection of some of the UK’s best shops covering the city you won’t be short on choice.

Birmingham boasts a number of other iconic tourist hot spots, suitable for all the family, including Edgbaston Cricket Ground, the Bullring and the world-famous Cadbury World.

For more ideas on things to do in Birmingham you can go to:

About Birmingham



Any athlete wishing to compete via an elite entry for the Great Birmingham Run must meet the following criteria:

10 mile53.0062.00
Half M69.3082.00

Other standards considered:

  • Top 20 placing at National Senior XC Championships
  • Any athletes (Junior/ U23 / Senior) that have represented Great Britain at XC/ road or track (at 1500 and above) over the last 3 years will also be offered free elite entry.
Entry Criteria

We offer overall prize money only. Prize money will only be awarded to elite athletes not athletes who run fast times from the mass start.

*British athletes can collect both prize structures.

  Men Women   Men Women
1 $500.00 $500.00 1 $1500.00 $1500.00
2 $300.00 $300.00 2 $1000.00 $1000.00
3 $200.00 $200.00 3 $750.00 $750.00
      4 $500.00 $500.00
      5 $300.00 $300.00

Both Elite fields are restricted to numbers so apply early to avoid disappointment. Email with details of qualifying performances, name, DOB and club.

The Elite Management reserve the right to refuse any entry whether an athlete meets criteria or not. This is a guide and does not guarantee elite entry into any Great Run Event. Elite entries will close approximately 2 weeks before the event.

Prize Structure

Great Runners Welcome Here

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    30 Waterloo St
    West Midlands
    B2 5TJ