Training Tips for Runners

Want to know the best time to replace your running shoes? Need tips on breathing techniques for runners? Maybe you’re struggling with pace, or perhaps you’re here for advice on weight training for stronger running. Whatever you need to know, we’ve pulled together our best tips and advice for running training.

Get the help you need to start running, keep running, and make sure you’re all set for running success and smashing your goals. We’ve got you!

Training Advice

General Training
Know what to expect – your Great North Run route

Unsure on what to expect at this years event? Here's a quick explainer for your mighty Great North Run route with hints and hacks included.

General Training
Smart Moves to Keep Your Running Fresh

Enhance your running this season, with a little help from the Official Personal Care Partner of the AJ Bell Great Run Series, Mitchum.

General Training
Know what to expect – your Great Manchester Run route

We’ve got all the info you need to train for the AJ Bell Great Manchester Run. Our knowledge and route-specific training tips will help you.

General Training
Know what to expect – your Great Bristol Run route

If you’re lucky enough to know Bristol, then you’re likely to love it - what’s not to love about a city so historic, cultured, and cool?

General Training
Know what to expect – your Great Birmingham Run route

You've signed up for the AJ Bell Great Birmingham Run, we’ve got all the race info, tips and training hacks you need for your training.

General Training
Returning to Running after Pregnancy

A good place to start before returning to running after pregnancy is with low-impact exercise and general strengthening exercises.

General Training
How to hit your perfect half marathon pace

Nailing your half marathon pace can make all the difference between a strong finish and a painful last few miles.

General Training
Top tips for pacing a 10k

A strategy for pacing a 10k ensures you get the best out of your race and avoid running out of steam too early - or finishing with more left in the tank.

General Training
How to pace a perfect 5k

A 5k is often the first distance we aim for when getting into running. Find out how to pace a perfect 5k here.

General Training
Fun ideas to get kids into running

Running is a great way for kids to meet their daily activity goal. Here are some fun ideas to encourage kids to get into running.

General Training
Embracing Easy Runs

Introducing the best-kept secret to running success: easy runs. Discover why they are so important, why they work and how they boost performance.

General Training
Interval training – what is it and how does it help your running?

Interval training for runners involves short intervals of high-intensity work. Read our guide to learn why you should integrate it into your training plan.

General Training
Should You Train With A Cold?

We answer the tricky question every athlete has to ask themselves at least once or twice a year…

General Training
Running Through The Winter

To help kick back the slump through the dark winter months, follow our tips to keep motivated, and stay safe and healthy along the way.

General Training
10 Tips To Get You Running This January

Taking your first step outdoors in January can be tough. Here are our 10 tips to get your running this January.

General Training
How to prevent blisters when running

Blisters are annoying and often surprisingly painful. Read on to find out what causes them, and more importantly how to avoid them.

General Training
Plan a new running route

It’s easy to get stuck in a running route rut. Keep boredom at bay and plan a new running route. Hey, we’re all human – and if sticking to…

General Training
How to use a foam roller

A 10-20 minute session a couple of times a week is enough to get you started. Read on for our tips on how to use a foam roller.

General Training
What is Plyometrics?

Plyometrics is the latest exercise craze for runners - but exactly what is plyometrics, and will it help you run faster?

General Training
How to run for longer and cultivate a runner’s mindset

Read on for our five top tips for honing your runner mindset and you’ll soon find yourself racking up some serious distances.

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