Smart Moves to Keep Your Running Fresh

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The days are getting warmer and brighter, bringing the ideal backdrop for outdoor running. But as we all know, balancing the rising temperatures and the lure of after-work socials with a solid Great Run training plan requires something extra. Let’s dive into how you can enhance your running this season, with a little help from the Official Personal Care Partner of the AJ Bell Great Run Series, Mitchum.

Timing is Everything

There’s something special about early morning runs. They’re not just a way to beat the heat; they kickstart your day with achievement and set a positive tone. Plus, simulating race-day conditions by training early can boost your confidence, ensuring you’re ready when the big day arrives.

The Mitchum Advantage

As you embrace your new training block, let Mitchum be the silent buddy on your journey. With its promise of 48HR sweat and odour protection for long lasting freshness, Mitchum ensures that no matter how unfamiliar the path, your confidence remains unshaken. It’s about more than just odour protection; it’s about feeling poised and ready for whatever lies around the next bend. And, you can pick up Mitchum’s range of aerosols and roll on antiperspirants from all major retailers including Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury’s.

Dress for Success

The right gear can transform your run as there’s nothing worse than chafing or too-tight clothing. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are a must as is breathable skincare. Choose Mitchum’s range of aerosols, sticks, and roll-ons for 48-hour protection that keeps your skin feeling light and fresh.

Ease Into It

Building summer endurance is a gradual process. Start with shorter, easier runs in spring to acclimate to the heat, gradually increasing distance and intensity. It’s about finding your rhythm and gradually pushing the boundaries, ensuring a smooth transition to more challenging runs. This approach builds both cardio and confidence.

Keep It Fresh

A fresh kit is essential for motivation. Rinse sweaty areas post-run and wash gear inside out to eliminate bacteria. Avoiding fabric softener ensures your clothes remain breathable and fresh, ready for your next run.

Change Your Perspective

Run your usual route in reverse to keep your training fresh and offer a complete change of scenery – you’ll be stunned by how seeing the same route from a different angle helps keep you moving forward.

Social Miles

Combine socialising with training by running to meet friends. Apply a layer of Mitchum’s 48HR Triple Odour Protection before setting off and you can transition from sprints to socialising without any anxiety over post-run “aroma.”

Rest and Recover

Don’t underestimate the power of rest. Your body needs time to recover so you can confidently come back stronger. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep and consider rest days as an integral part of your training plan.

With these expanded tips and the support of Mitchum, your running is set to reach new heights. It’s not just about the miles; it’s about enjoying the journey, staying fresh, and embracing every step of the way. Here’s to a season filled with personal bests, new experiences, and the confidence that comes from feeling your best, run after run.

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