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Whether you’ve already racked up a collection of race medals or you’re lacing up for the first time, good nutrition and hydration will make all the difference to your performance. Our top tips on nutrition and hydration for runners cover all you need to know for fuelling your run and for recovery afterwards. We walk you through our tips for your general diet as well as the best foods to eat right before and after a race.

We’ll also serve you up plenty of advice for refuelling and hydrating your body during your run so you don’t find yourself running out of steam. Tuck in!

Nutrition & Hydration Tips

General Training
Soup Up Your Training

Few dishes are superior to soup in terms of replenishing the vitamins and fluids lost in training. Here's a recipe for you to try!

General Training
Power Up Your Porridge

All hail the mighty porridge. It's the perfect pre-run breakfast. Here's two delicious porridge recipes for you to try!

General Training
Plan Your Ultimate Training Diet

Fuelling your body to train well on a daily basis is essential.

General Training
The Importance of Nutrition and Recovery

As a British athlete, 400M hurdler, yoga instructor and FULFIL Ambassador, Lina Nielsen knows the significance of nutrition and recovery.

General Training
Should I Eat Breakfast Before an Early Morning Run?

'Should I eat breakfast before an early morning run?' is a question many runners ask.

General Training
Recovery Nutrition and Recipes for Runners

Here are our top recovery nutrition tips and three inspiring recipes to banish food boredom and maximise replenishment and recovery.

Event Day Tips
Top Pre-Run Nutrition Tips

With the right combination of reducing your running and tweaking your diet, you can fuel your muscles to have your greatest run ever!

General Training
Staying hydrated when running

Staying hydrated can help to ensure you put in your best performance on event day and make the most of all the hard work you’ve put in during tr…

General Training
Pancake Power

With Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day, around the corner, it’s time to dust off the recipe book and start practising your flipping action.

Event Day Tips
Recovery Nutrition FAQ

This recovery nutrition FAQ guide will tell you everything you need to know about recovery nutrition after your half marathon.

General Training
The Best Carbs for Runners + 2 delicious pasta recipes

Carbs are essentially your own personal energy source, helping you power through your run. And we've got two delicious pasta recipes for you!

Event Day Tips
Hydration tips for runners

Staying hydrated is key for runners of all abilities. Our tips help to resolve the confusion around hydration.

Event Day Tips
What To Eat To Fuel Your Run

The best advice when training is to stick a healthy, balanced diet.

General Training
Try These Recipes for Some Great Meal Inspiration

If you're trying to cook a little more, try new recipes, or maybe just eat a little healthier then we’ve got some recipes for you to try.

General Training
How Does Protein Help Runners?

Protein can massively help your runs, allowing you to run further and faster. Learn about what to eat and when to hit your protein and running goals.

General Training
How To Compete Without Meat

More high-profile names than ever are proving that a vegetarian diet can enhance performance progress rather than reverse it.

General Training
Six Foods Every Runner Should Eat

Forget expensive supplements and shakes. The best sports nutrition products are right under your nose.

General Training
What To Eat Before A Run

When it comes to pre-run nutrition, your best bet is to play it safe. And by safe, we mean familiar.

General Training
Fuel Up With Dark Chocolate

There are occasions when you can indulge an appetite for refined or sugar foods, like dark chocolate, white bread or jam.

General Training
Why Caffeine Can Be Good For Running

LET’S raise a mug to caffeine. For its all-round boosting ability and cheapness and the fact that even scientists say it works.

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