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Whatever your running ability, you’ll find some great advice and motivational support to help you enjoy running even more. From starting out with the right kit, to nutritional advice and training tips, we’ve got you covered.

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General Training
4 Tips for Anyone Just Getting into Running

As straightforward as the hobby of running becomes after a while, it helps to know where to start. Here’s our advice for anyone who is new to running.

General Training
Common Running Injuries and How To Spot Them

Most running injuries are overuse ones - meaning that they creep up on you gradually.

General Training
How to smash your PB

How do you turn your new PB dream into a reality? We’ve got five helpful tips to get you on your way.

General Training
The lowdon on tracking your runs

By keeping a track of your training activity, you can monitor your progression and identify what works for you.

Nutrition & Hydration
Should I Eat Breakfast Before an Early Morning Run?

'Should I eat breakfast before an early morning run?' is a question many runners ask.

Event Day Tips
Keeping Cool In Fancy Dress

Every year we see hundreds of incredible outfits. We have some tips on how to get round your run without having to ditch the outfit after mile one.

General Training
How Does Gait Analysis Help Me As A Runner?

Gait analysis can identify bad habits which can lead to injury. Here is our handy guide from physiotherapist and runner Jenny Blizard…

General Training
Try These Recipes for Some Great Meal Inspiration

If you're trying to cook a little more, try new recipes, or maybe just eat a little healthier then we’ve got some recipes for you to try.

General Training
Pump Up The Protein

For runners, foods rich in unrefined carbohydrates are a primary source of energy. But we wouldn’t get far without a good dose of protein.

General Training
Why Massage Is So Good For Runners

Massage isn’t just a feel-good way to indulge or pamper yourself, it is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and wellbeing. 

General Training
Why running together is awesome

The benefits of running as a group are immense. Here’s five reasons why you should give #RunningTogether a go:

General Training
Choosing A Bristol Running Club

With Great Bristol Half Marathon approaching, could joining a running club help with your pace?…

General Training
Choose Yoga To Become A Stronger Runner

As well as being a great stretching exercise, yoga can also help you as a runner to sidestep injuries. Here are some postures to try...

General Training
How To Compete Without Meat

More high-profile names than ever are proving that a vegetarian diet can enhance performance progress rather than reverse it.

General Training
Perfect running posture

Paying attention to the posture can help you avoid physical niggles, injury and even help you bag that elusive PB.

General Training
Six smart steps to healthy joints

Physiotherapist Jenny Blizzard's advice on joint preparation and how to maintain good joint health.

General Training
Your Daily Routine to Become a Better Runner

Read on to discover five exercises which will slot easily into your daily life while making a massive difference to your running performance.

General Training
Six Foods Every Runner Should Eat

Forget expensive supplements and shakes. The best sports nutrition products are right under your nose.

General Training
3 Inner-City Manchester Training Routes

Here are three handy go-to Inner-city Manchester training routes that we regularly use when we are short on time for planning.

General Training
Bristol Running Routes By Bristol Runners

The true beauty of running in a city as amazing as Bristol is that it gives you the best excuse possible to get outside your door and explore th…

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