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We are all being encouraged to practice social distancing by staying home except for one daily dose of exercise – while observing social distancing of at least 2 metres/6ft between yourself and others when outside.  By following this advice, we can all do our part to stay healthy and protect those who are more vulnerable at this time, but there is one thing we can still do for ourselves and that’s to keep running. 

Where it is safe, we encourage you to still get outside and stay active and continue to support other runners in any “virtual” way you can. Please stay aware though; protect yourselves and others and follow the advice given by the NHS and Public Health England.  

If you live in a quieter neighbourhood or near large open parks/spaces, then you’re in the perfect position to get your running shoes on for a bit of daily fresh air ‘me time’. 

While there has been a lot of doom and gloom for us all to take in at this time, there are some positives that we can look out for. The first day of spring officially arrived on March 20th and the weather has finally improved, it’s nice to see the sunshine peering through our windows and feel the fresh air on our daily walk or dose of exercise. As we wake up each day, we can listen out for the birds that have started to sing, and we can see the blossoms and tulips beginning to bloom in gardens.  Take a deep breath and when you do take your daily dose of exercise make sure to look around you and make the most of the spring. 

Here are some of our tips to help you get the spring back in your step: 

Make the most of your one outing a day

If you’re working from home turn your day into a new structure. Wake up early or take a run at lunch or afternoon break, or if you need to loosen up after a long day sitting inside working, get outside for some fresh air and take advantage of the lighter nights. 

Feel your best  

Time spent keeping active is of great benefit for our overall wellbeing and happiness. Running makes us feel good in mind and body, and when we are stuck inside in a digital era – putting down our electronics and getting outside once a day to dust the cobwebs off will do us the world of good. Fresh air and activity bring endorphins which make us feel great! 

Whatever your ability – step outside and run, run-walk or brisk walk and by the time you get back home, you’ll be feeling refreshed.  

Scenic running routes  

In the UK there are amazing outdoor areas to get outside and enjoy. Step outside for a run and if you can, make use of the many green parks, canals, footpaths, coastal towns, and nature trails. Taking in beautiful scenery makes you feel better and in spring you’ll be seeing the new flowers starting to bloom. Keep an eye out for some of the protected bluebell species, according to the National Trust* the UK is home to half of the world’s bluebells and they are very rare elsewhere in the world! 

Brighten up your wardrobe 

It’s said that wearing bright colours can improve our mood and now it’s finally time to dig out your spring colours from your bottom drawer or closet, bright colours are everywhere in spring and they do a lot to brighten your day. Pop on your best and brightest and you’ll be feeling brighter in no time.  

Goal setting 

Since a lot of your spring and summer running plans may have changed unexpectedly, why not keep an eye on our schedule and keep a new goal in mind? Maybe you’ll feel like taking on a half marathon distance or a 10k later in the year. Having a goal however far away helps us stay on track and motivated and if you’re keeping active even from home, you’ll be feeling much closer to your goals when the time comes.

We hope our tips help you to put the spring back in your step!



National Trust bluebell source: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/6-things-you-might-not-know-about-bluebells 

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