When Should I Run If I Have No Time?

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Leonard Bernstein said, ‘To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.'  Definitely true when you have a deadline to hit, but a perceived lack of time is the most frequently cited barrier to running more regularly.

But people who run regularly are just as busy with work, family and other commitments as people who don’t run; it’s time to re-evaluate that excuse!   

Running can increase your energy levels and many people say it invigorate your mind, helping you find solutions to problems that have been eluding you for days – including how you are going to fit everything in. 

By following the guide below, we promise that having ‘no time’ can work for you, and make your run great:  

  1. Most runners should spend the time they are currently spending on training, more productively.  They often undertake too many sessions of long, steady, moderate-paced aerobic training and not enough speed intervals, technique work and resistance training, e.g. hill repetitions.  Therefore, before you try to look for ways to increase the quantity of your training, increase its quality.

  2. Make it fun, don’t make it a chore!  On Sunday mornings do a group event like Great Run Local with your friends, or run with them on a Friday night, then have wine afterwards.It doesn’t have to be a hassle!

  3. Squeeze in a lunch hour run.  Use your precious 60 minute break to go running and it will also make you more productive during your working day than you would be by eating your lunch ‘al-desko’.

  4. Get organised.If you struggle to fit running, housework and cooking into your evenings, timetable one day per week to clean your house and on the other days, maintain it.  When you have spare time or during the weekend, it is rewarding to channel your inner MasterChef but on weekday evenings, focus on ‘fast food’ such as stir fries or meals which create leftovers, e.g. pasta sauce, chilli con carne and curry.  They are fantastic for packed lunches and can be stored in your fridge or freezer for a night when you don’t have time to cook.

  5. You should run at the time that is most convenient for your lifestyle.  Anytime is a fantastic time to run, as long as you are consistent!  Ask yourself, what time of day are you most likely to run?  If you like to exercise in the evening, change into your running clothes as soon as you get home.  By putting the commitment on your calendar it will become like an appointment you can’t cancel!

    If you like to exercise in the morning, it will set the foundation for a great day.  Becoming an A.M. runner means you get to cross running off your to-do list, first thing in the morning.  It may seem backward but if you schedule your session first, it is easier to see how everything else will fit around it instead of trying to find space for it later.

If you have time to watch television, go on the Internet and socialise with your friends, then you have time – 30 minutes, 3 times per week – to invest in yourself to run.  If you have ‘no time’, make time and it will help you to be a much happier person.

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