10 Ways To Smash Your Fundraising Target

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You’ve decided to do something amazing and raise money for a cause close to your heart. But what now? Where do you start fundraising and how can you make the most out of your efforts?

If you’re thinking about supporting a charity at your Great Run, the world of fundraising can be a brilliant and rewarding place, but it can be hard to know where to begin.

To give you an extra helping hand and kickstart your fundraising journey, here are our top ten tips to make your fundraising a success.


First things first, find an online giving platform to receive your donations! This keeps all your fundraising in one place and take the pressure off collecting cash donations. There are lots of fantastic digital fundraising platforms out there to make fundraising easy and accessible – we love Enthuse, but there are other options too – ask your charity which they would recommend.


There’s no time like the present, so it’s best to start your fundraising as soon as you can and give your supporters plenty of time to donate. Fundraising platforms have reported a 31% increase in donations for fundraisers that set up their page four months ahead of their event, compared to those set up just 30 days before.


Your supporters will be encouraged to donate if they can see that you’ve not hit your target yet, and you can give people a nudge when you’re getting close. Plus, if you hit your target ahead of event day, don’t be afraid to increase it!


Your friends and family want to know why you have chosen to fundraise for your chosen charity. Whether it’s a personal connection or support for a local cause, a personal ask and heart-felt explanation can go a long way. Make sure to include it in your online fundraising page too.


You are doing something amazing, so don’t be afraid to use social media, email or event posters to spread the word about your challenge. If you struggle asking for donations, use progress as your hook – let friends and family know when you’ve had a bad day but still completed a rainy training session. Or tell them when you’ve had a great day and hit a milestone. Remember to include a link to your page so they can pledge their support.


Training and fundraising can be much more fun with friends. If you are struggling to stay motivated, having a partner in crime can also help you stay accountable and keep you on track. See if anyone you know would like to take on a Great Run together.


A great way to boost your sponsorship is to find out whether your employer offers match funding. Not all companies offer it, but others happily support their employees causes through their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. It’s always worth asking!


Think outrageous outfits and quirky stunts. How can you make your fundraising stand out and encourage your supporters to give? Could you get sponsored for every minute you successfully finish under a target time?


An obvious one, but a simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way and lets your amazing supporters know that their donation is valued, no matter how big it is. Whether it’s in person, a text, or an online message, it can make a huge difference to your fundraising support both now, and in the future.


We love seeing families come together to take on a challenge and raise money for a fantastic cause. With littles ones as young as three able to get involved in a Junior & Mini Great Run of Great Family Run, show your whole family how much fun fundraising can be and do it together!

These simple tips can help you to get your fundraising off the ground and have lots of fun at the same time. If you do get stuck along the way, don’t be afraid to get in touch with your chosen charity.

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