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Distance 10K
Price £32 per entry
Location London
Date 02 July 2017
Age 15 years old and over

Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run

Entries are now open for the 2017 Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run, which takes place on Sunday 2 July. 

All runners in the 10k will get the chance to have their very own Olympic moment as they finish inside the Stadium and cross the famous finish line and running track, which saw Olympic greats Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah race across in 2012. The course will also take in the sights of Lee Valley VeloPark, the London Aquatics Centre and the Copper Box Arena.

Experience a finish line like no other!

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Here's what our runners and swimmers had to say about their weekend in Newham, London!




The Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run will take runners through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Starting a stone's throw from the iconic ArcelorMittal Orbit, the 10k course makes its way past the London Aquatics Centre before looping back round behind the Stadium towards the Copper Box Arena. At the 7k mark runners will cross over the River Lea towards Lee Valley VeloPark. At this point there's only a few kilometres left before heading back into the Stadium where the finish line sits on the running track. Get that finish line feeling and multiply it by 10, knowing this is the same spot where world-class athletes made their appearance at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Aqua Pura water will be located at the start, on the course and in your finisher’s pack once you cross the Stadium finish line.


A water station Is located on the course close to 6km.

  • Please be prepared for the water station – it will be signed in advance, so make sure you are ready to grab a bottle and be careful of others around you.
  • Please only take one bottle from the station – be considerate of runners behind you!
  • When you have finished your drink, discard your bottle to the kerb edge – please look where you are discarding your bottle before you do it and try and keep it off the running carriageway.


Every kilometre on the route will be identified with a large marker giving you clear indication as to how far into your run you are. There will also be markers at 800, 400 and 200 meters to go.


Medical cover will be available across the event – at the start, on the course at intervals along the route, and in the Stadium where the main medical facility is located. Please ensure that you fill in the details on the back on your run number before the event day – this
information is invaluable to medics in an emergency.


The Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run course has to be cleared by 12:45 so a sweep vehicle will follow the run and if any runners need a helping hand to get to the Stadium it will be there to give you a lift. 

Course Map

The start line and assembly areas are located close to the Stadium on the South Park Lawn, next to the ArcelorMittal Orbit. The assembly area will be split into 4 coloured zones – Orange, White, Green and Pink – and these correspond to your coloured run number.

To access the start follow the signage and marshals’ directions to the Stadium then over to the South Park Lawn which is next to the Orbit.

You have been assigned to a coloured zone based on the predicted time you provided when entering the run. This coloured wave system will be used to regulate the flow of runners out on course to help you enjoy a better run.

However remember that your timing chip will provide you with a totally accurate time for your run and will not be activated until you cross the start line so it does not matter which coloured wave you start in.

If you want to run with someone but you have been issued with different coloured run numbers, organisers ask that you follow a simple rule – runners can move down a zone (away from the start line) but cannot move up a zone (towards the start line). For example, a runner wearing a white run number can move back to the green zone but not forward to the orange zone.

Toilets for runners and spectators are available around the start area on the South Park Lawn. As well as in the Stadium once you have finished your run. It is inevitable that the facilities will be busy before the run, so please allow plenty of time.

Warm up expert Roy Gayle will get you ready and raring to run. The warm up will take place at 09:20 so make sure you are in your assembly area for this time.

Due to the large number of runners we are unable to provide changing facilities at the event, so please come ready to run. We strongly
recommend that you leave any baggage with family and friends. If you cannot leave your bag with a friend, there is a limited facility close to the start area, these are colour coded to match your run number.

Please deposit as follows:

  • Put your belongings in a waterproof bag
  • Remove the baggage label from your run number, and make sure you have filled out your details on the back of the label (do this the night before the event to save time)
  • Attach the baggage label from your run number to your bag so it is clearly visible
  • Find the area in the marquee that corresponds to the colour of your run number
  • Once you have placed your bag in the bay make sure your run number is stamped so you can remember which bay your bag is in after your run

You will need to show your run number to collect your bag after your run.

The baggage area will be operational from 08:00. Important note – organisers strongly recommend that you do not leave any valuables within your baggage. Organisers cannot accept responsibility for the security of any items in the baggage area.

The Start

As you enter the Stadium you will be greeted by thousands of cheering fans for the last 300m of your run, which will give you a boost for the last stretch.


When you cross the finish line please don’t stop immediately – there are many more runners coming in behind you. We ask that you keep on walking and follow the instructions of the Great Run team.


Finishers’ packs will be arranged by T-shirt size. Please take a pack with the T-shirt size you specified when you entered the event. Your finisher’s pack is well-earned so enjoy the goodies inside, including edible items, Lucozade Sport Lite, Aqua Pura and the all-important souvenir medal.


When you have finished your run and have exited the finish area you will see that the Stadium has been split in to 4 coloured zones, Orange, White, Green and Pink (see image to the left). Your family and friends should be seated in the coloured zone that corresponds to your run number and their spectator voucher. Within these coloured zones will be signage with letters of the alphabet on. You should arrange to meet your friends and family close to the sign with the first letter of your surname. For example if your name is John Smith and you are in the pink wave, your family would be in the pink block of seats close to the ‘S’ sign.


The Stadium has various concessions stands that will be open throughout the day serving a range of food and drink for spectators and runners.

The Finish

Event location

As one of the most vibrant and multicultural boroughs in England, Newham is well worth a visit. A trip to east London is even more essential since it took centre-stage as the host of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Newham is home to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where there is a wealth of sporting activities on offer to visitors. Take a dip in the ‘pool of champions’ at the London Aquatics Centre, or show off your pedal-power in Lee Valley VeloPark.

The Simplyhealth Great Newham London Run will finish inside the most recognisable venue in the Park – the Stadium.

Our own ‘Super Sunday’ will be created as we see thousands of runners cross the finish line on the running track inside the Stadium to a wall of applause and support given by runners’ friends and family spectating from the arena seats.

For more information about Newham please click here

About Newham

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