Great North Run 2022

Name Bib Club Pos Finish Time Gun/Chip
David Weir 181 Weir Archer Academy 1 00:42:59
Daniel Sidbury 187 Velocity AC 2 00:43:01
Nathan Maguire 183 Kirkby AC 3 00:46:40
Simon Lawson 182 Carlisle Tri Club 4 00:46:42
Michael Mccabe 190 Velocity AC 5 00:46:45
Sam Kolek 186 Kirkby AC 6 00:49:57
Bret Crossley 195 Leeds City Athletic Club 7 00:50:00
Callum Hall 185 Leeds City Athletic Club 8 00:50:54
Samantha Kinghorn 281 Red Star AC 2 00:51:27
Eden Rainbow-cooper 283 Weir Archer Academy 1 00:51:27
Name: David Weir
Bib: 181
Club: Weir Archer Academy
Pos: 1
Finish Time: 00:42:59
Name: Daniel Sidbury
Bib: 187
Club: Velocity AC
Pos: 2
Finish Time: 00:43:01
Name: Nathan Maguire
Bib: 183
Club: Kirkby AC
Pos: 3
Finish Time: 00:46:40
Name: Simon Lawson
Bib: 182
Club: Carlisle Tri Club
Pos: 4
Finish Time: 00:46:42
Name: Michael Mccabe
Bib: 190
Club: Velocity AC
Pos: 5
Finish Time: 00:46:45
Name: Sam Kolek
Bib: 186
Club: Kirkby AC
Pos: 6
Finish Time: 00:49:57
Name: Bret Crossley
Bib: 195
Club: Leeds City Athletic Club
Pos: 7
Finish Time: 00:50:00
Name: Callum Hall
Bib: 185
Club: Leeds City Athletic Club
Pos: 8
Finish Time: 00:50:54
Name: Samantha Kinghorn
Bib: 281
Club: Red Star AC
Pos: 2
Finish Time: 00:51:27
Name: Eden Rainbow-cooper
Bib: 283
Club: Weir Archer Academy
Pos: 1
Finish Time: 00:51:27

Nissan ARIYA: 100% Electric Lead Vehicle of the AJ Bell Great Run Series

As official automotive partner of the AJ Bell Great Run Series, Nissan congratulates every runner for their electrifying achievement. Nissan is committed to electrifying the Great Run Series, including deploying the Nissan ARIYA as the vehicle that led all runners off the line at this year’s events.

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