Bristol VI Runners Challenge

Visually Impaired (VI) Runners 10K Challenge

In partnership with VI Runners Bristol, we are excited to host the VI Runners 10K Challenge once again in 2024.

Our joint ambition is to use this event to promote and increase participation in running for people registered as severely sight impaired (previously “blind”).

The 2024 VI Runners Challenge will operate as follows:

1. To take part in the VI Runners Challenge, participants must be registered as severely sight impaired (previously “blind”).

2. Participants should enter the Great Bristol Run 10k event via the general entry system at: Answer yes to the question: Are you a severely visually impaired runner? on the booking form, and then enter the name and email address of your guide runner. Note: that the VI Challenge will be over the 10K distance, not the half marathon distance. Please ensure you enter the correct event when entering.

3. Guide runners will be emailed with an entry code which they must use to complete an online entry for the event.

4. Guide runners do not need to purchase an entry.

5. Guide runners should be appropriately identified during the event.

6. Participants and their guide runners must be linked together (via use of a tether) at all times during the race.

7. Prizes: The top 3 placed male and female athletes, who have registered for the challenge, will be awarded a free entry for next year’s event, or any other equivalent 10k in the Great Run series (Birmingham 10k, Manchester 10k, North 10k).

8. There will be no separate sub-classifications of visual impairment for the purposes of this Challenge.

9. VI Challenge participants will be required to make their own way (with their guides) to the start line on Anchor Road before the start of the event – runners can choose to start ahead of the masses, in a bespoke VI Challenge wave. Note: that this is subject to demand and dependent on numbers. If demand is high, we may not be able to freely offer this option.

If runners prefer, they are welcome to start alongside the masses instead. Runners will be contacted via email in the weeks before the event with final event-day information and instructions.

10. Participants who follow guides with sounds like bells should be aware that the course, and the finish in particular, will be extremely noisy.

11. For reasons of data privacy the event organisers can only communicate with the entered participant. It is up to participants to relay any and all relevant information to their guide runner.

12. Participants and their guides must abide by all general event terms and conditions, which can be viewed on the online event entry form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

For more about the AJ Bell Great Bristol 10k visit the event information page at:

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